Army of Two is the Gayest Thing I've Ever Seen

And I've seen 300. Sure, you could make the argument that since that was about gay soldiers, and Army of Two moves the homosexual themes of its protagonists into the realm of subtext, that 300 is the gayer of the two, but you would be wrong.

The primary reason for this is that while the Spartans were literally having sex with one another all the damn time, they actually took the whole 'war' thing seriously, and are remembered primarily for their fighting acumen, and secondarily for their child molestation.

Compare this to the main characters from the game Army of Two:

While I'm not saying that writing the word 'Merc' across the codpiece of your body armour is necessarily an advertisement for your services as a male prostitute, it certainly makes a persuasive impression in that direction, and I haven't seen anything in the game to suggest another interpretation.

Especially suspicious is the way the game depicts the two mercenaries congratulating and encouraging one another after every murder. Here they are clasping hands and gazing soulfully into one another's eyes:

It's almost as if they're the new millennium's answer to Leopold and Loeb. Vicious repressed psychopaths who can't let their attraction to one another out in healthy, normal ways, so they resort to ever-escalating acts of violence, always urging each other forward to greater heights of murder.

And I haven't even touched on the game's signature feature: Pimping your weapons!

While myriad games have offered players the chance to modify and improve their weapons, this may be the first to proudly encourage the player to make their guns prettier. Pimp culture has always been about giving the appearance of being as flamboyantly homosexual as possible. The jewelry, the fine clothes, the larger than life persona. Pimps believe that seeming as 'femme' as possible is a challenge to be overcome. They want to prove how masculine they are by looking as gay as possible without having anyone consider the possibility that they are, in fact, men who are attracted to other men. So their flamboyant appearance and behavior is counterbalanced by surrounding themselves with whores, who they viciously beat at every opportunity. Because, in the pimp's mind, there's nothing more masculine than abusing women.

The mercenaries in Army of Two have no similar excuse for this behavior. Their obsession with gold-plated, diamond studded weaponry seems to go no farther than their literal love of how pretty it looks. They buy a platinum shotgun not because they're trying to make an ironic comment about how masculine they are, but rather because they desperately want to use a shotgun that's more beautiful than all the other shotguns out there. If anything, their predilection for flamboyant weaponry seems to be their one obvious outlet for their otherwise suppressed desires. It's almost as if they want to taunt their victims with the way that they kill them. "You weren't just brutally shot to death. You were brutally shot to death by a gun that's prettier than your wife. Want to make something out of it?" They're getting revenge for all the people who ever called them sissies or persecuted them for their nature, and doing it in the most humiliating way possible, by killing these proxies with fancy, impractical weapons.

Army of Two's homosexual subtext is so close to the surface that I have a hard time believing that it's unintentional. From the way the game melds fashion-doll accessorizing with with brutal murder, to the 'trying too hard to seem straight' way the main characters taunt and shove one another, Army of Two is a masterpiece of subculture infiltration. This is a game being mass marketed around the world whose central theme is a gay love affair between two soldiers. That their love is expressed by killing other people is beside the point. It's there. It's queer. Get used to it.


Anonymous said...

Well man, I've played Army of Two and although, yes, you can interpret the game in that way; the way your interpreting it is wildly inaccurate in terms of the context the game is set.

I'm thinking that maybe you experienced some troubling times in your life that have caused you to look at the game from this perspective. Tell me if I am wrong.

If you think that pimping your gun is gay ( and there is nothing wrong with being gay [my liberalism is coming out, i know]) then there are millions of gay gun enthusiasts and criminals across America. and im sure there aren't. (which is kind of a sad thing as well; could use a lower crime rate)

lastly, if you think holding hands is gay... well... don't go to the army is all I'm gonna tell you ( a lot of partner/"buddy" obstacle courses, which you won't like). further more, don't enter any kind of dojo or fighting arena for all types of wrestling will be gay as well. the UFC is probably REALLY gay in your book. and sports like football, rugby and water polo must be very gay as well.

if you agree to any of these then, sir, please put yourself into a biochemical hazard suit, for otherwise your at risk of getting another man's "gay cuties" which you so fear.

good day ^_^

....oh and Army of Two is a damn SeXy game XOXOXOXO

yeah i know you liked that deep inside , lol

Ian Brett Cooper said...

Yup. Army of Two is officially the gayest game ever - it even beats the Gears of War franchise (which I thought could never happen). I think it's funny (and a little ironic) that so many guys seem worried that people point out that a game they enjoy is so obviously gay.

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Danechan said...

The day I realized I had fallen victim to a fake Bitcoin investment website, my world came crashing down. I had invested a significant portion of my savings, hoping for financial security, only to be deceived by cunning scammers. But I refused to accept defeat. I reached out to legal experts and cybersecurity professionals, BITCOIN RECOVERY EXPERTS HACKERS with hope for a chance to recover my hard-earned money. The journey to recovery was long and challenging. It required patience, resilience, and unwavering determination. There were moments when I felt like giving up, but the support and expertise of my team kept me going. With their guidance, we navigated through legal complexities, conducted thorough investigations, and pursued every lead relentlessly. Finally, after months48hours of hard work, we achieved a breakthrough. We were able to trace the funds and uncover the identity of the perpetrators. It was a moment of triumph, a testament to the power of perseverance and teamwork. I owe a debt of gratitude to BITCOIN RECOVERY EXPERTS HACKERS team for their unwavering support and dedication. You can contact them on email if you need crypto recovery help.
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Anonymous said...

I’m very happy to share about PaybackLTD cyber security Service and their wonderful service in helping me recover my cryptocurrency. At first, I was very skeptical about their service especially since I lost all my entire savings to a fake crypto investment account. I’m grateful I stumbled upon PaybackLTD Cyber Security Service and contacted their staff who was able to recover my stolen crypto funds within 48 hours. Their service is amazing and they are very professional. I’m highly impressed and I recommend their service to everyone who wishes to recover their cryptocurrencies and unlock their crypto accounts. You can reach PaybackLTD Cyber Security via the following EMAIL: (JamesRodriguez@cyber-wizard.com)

Elvis Joe said...

My process for recovery has been kind of a bumpy process because of the fake recovery agents I encountered earlier on, however with the support given to me in the consultation and during my one on one conversations with the Team via email( bitcoinrecoverexpert @ cyberservices . com ) BITCOIN RECOVERY EXPERTS HACKERS and I have collectively succeeded in recouping my locked up BTC Assets valued at $426,790 within the space of 48 hours !! Or rather the team worked hard on my behalf, I only had to provide them with a few details regarding my investment with the fraud company and they did the rest for me. Prior to meeting BITCOIN RECOVERY EXPERTS HACKERS, i had met a few recovery agents as well that only seemed to care about their service fee similar to what the fraud company was doing to me and at some point I almost gave up the believe that I would never get back my money but today, I’ve done full circle to come back here and give my own thankful review since I learnt about the team through the many reviews on this platform. I feel ready to take on the world with my new found awareness and B I T C O I N R E C O V E R Y E X P E R T S H A C K E R S on my team! … I wish they would create more awareness platforms and opportunities to help enlighten more people about crypto and how best to navigate the digital financial landscape, this will surely help to reduce the fast spreading fraudulent activities going on there and save potential investors from falling prey!. Glad I know it now and I can teach it to my children so they wont make the same mistakes I did. You can contact them via their official email address ( bitcoinrecoverexpert@cyberservices.com
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Brett Newman said...

My name is Brett Newman and I’ve been a victim of the Chinese Pig Butchering Scam recently. I have been scammed $410,000 during this Chinese fraud. I lost all my life savings. Just now, I read a news article regarding the Pig Butchering Scam in Delaware. In 2022, The Delaware DOJ initiated a halt to the Pig Butchering Crypto Scams and issued a cease and desist order to wallets, accounts, and individuals involved in pig butchering scams and I just wish the culprits behind mine also would meet the same fate. I will briefly write about the process in which I was swindled by a foreign investment company. Since I was scammed, my life was ruined. I watched the fake website all the time, hoping someday it could be shut down by the authorities and FBI which I reported to but months went by and nothing happened, I even sent a report to the Singapore police several times as the scammer mentioned they were based there but nothing serious ever came out of their investigation till I got acquainted with J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E through an article about a previous scam victim who recovered back her funds with their help. Fortunately, I kept all the evidence, including the woman’s voice, her fake photos and her fake telephone number. I also keep the communication between her and me online chat (a Japanese WeChat) which I shared with the team. I knew it would take a lot of effort but thankfully the team at J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E are exceptionally good at what they do so it took them approximately 48 hours to have my funds traced down and extracted back from the scammers account into my wallet which I quickly withdrew to my bank. I hope this information is helpful to anyone in similarly situation right now , you can use the following contact info to locate J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E ,
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Viola Millbrook said...

Despite my involvement with an investment scam and luckily escaping with my funds still intact with the assistance of “VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM” ,There continue to be sophisticated investment scams using the branding of banks and other financial institutions. These scams can result in large financial losses and in many cases the money can’t be recovered which is why I took it upon myself to let the world know that they have a chance with VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM as we've seen an increase in cryptocurrency investment scams. Scammers will often try and convince someone to pay large amounts to "invest" with the promise of high returns. They’ll often pitch these fake investment opportunities as being low risk as well. The victim may not know that they’ve been targeted by a scam until some time has passed, for example when they try to withdraw their funds and it was at this stage that my eyes opened to their lies,Big thanks to VALOR HACK and it’s TEAM for coming in when they did.You Know Scammers will often claim to be financial advisors or investment experts, or claim to have made large profits investing in the scheme themselves. They may even create legitimate looking fake websites and prospectus documents or use celebrities' names and pictures to endorse their schemes,contacting VALOR HACK DIGITAL ASSET RECOVERY TEAM will reveal all the tricks scammers use on their victims and prepare you against the dangers you may be faced with online. Below is the contact information:
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Sometimes it’s not making all the right moves but avoiding making the wrong ones that can make all the difference as we all know there are many pitfalls to trap the unwary, and even seasoned investors with good track records may face challenges but VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM can get you out of that tight spot Unharmed !.

Frank Daugherty said...

I was unfortunate to invest with a fraudulent platform I connected with on Telegram. The elaborate scam hooked me for about 4 months before I got to realize that it was a fake business thanks to an awareness product I read on Quora, which urged me to take out my money but then it was already too late as they denied all withdrawal attempts while demanding I settle some fees first. The fake website: enkuuex .com run until 10 march 2024 before it shutdown, this encouraged me to take action against the cybercriminals and pursue a Recovery case through J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E. I thought, If their website could shut down it is likely that the stolen money could be retracted back. When I reached out to their customer support by email ( J e t h a c k s 7 @ g m a i l . com ) asking for a review I received a reply within minutes which speaks volumes about their professional level. I also presented a description of my investment with the fraud platform, the receipt for all payment to their wallet address that I had originally thought was being invested along with a copy of the contract agreement to the team before launching the recovery process. Due to past experience, I couldn’t help but worry about the outcome of the process and although I hoped for the best, but I was prepared for the worst. However, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome than this one, my funds was successfully recovered back from the fraudulent platform just within 72 hours of professional work from the team at J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E which has saved my life and any further embarrassments that this has caused me. You can also contact the team on Telegram username @ J e t h a c k s s for further assistance directly.

Loch said...


Experiencing the theft of your hard-earned crypto funds can be disheartening, but working with professionals like Grayhathacks can help restore your trust and confidence. Their commitment to recovering my stolen funds not only gave me back my money but also reinstated my faith in the crypto market and investment opportunities. While my journey with Grayhathacks ended with a satisfying outcome, it's essential to maintain vigilance in the world of crypto investments. Cybercriminals are always evolving, and the need for professional assistance in securing your investments cannot be overstated. By staying vigilant and relying on experts like Grayhathacks, you can better protect your assets and minimize the risks associated with crypto investments. Their expertise and dedication to the recovery process resulted in the satisfying outcome of recouping the stolen funds. This serves as a reminder of the importance of professional crypto recovery services like Grayhathacks in restoring trust and confidence in the world of digital investments.
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Trudy Charles said...

The able and trustworthy hands of HACKATHON TECH SOLUTION were the real reasons my lost investment funds got retrieved from the crypto scamming company I invested $500k worth of cryptocurrency without the knowledge it was a fake crypto investment company that I trusted with my hard-earned funds investing into crypto, it was a soul drowning and traumatic going through the experience of losing a substantial amount of my life savings which halted my life. I wasn't able to make my withdrawal after the crypto company declined my requests for a withdrawal into my wallet even after reaching out to them I was told I had to pay some tax clarification fees which I paid but no good results came out, even if I was told that I would lose my funds I wouldn't believe it because everything about the investment company looked really with videos of their clients testifying of the life-changing effects they experienced after registering and investing with the crypto company which now leaves me full of regrets. They weren't mere hackers but emphatic and efficient hackers who were committed to helping victims of scams retrieve back their lost investment funds, they are a trustworthy and legitimate hacking firm that helped me retrieve my funds which I thought wasn't possible, and trust me they're the real deal if ever you are seeking for hackers with years of experience under their belt which makes them the best for the recovery of lost investment funds. I made the right decision choosing HACKATHON TECH SOLUTION which was the reason my funds got retrieved back by their supreme hackers with a transparent communication system helping their clients up to speed with the progress made on their case which made everything easy being able to communicate with them explaining my doubts with reasons which they cleared with their topnotch professionalism and dedication to achieving the successful retrieval of my lost investment funds.

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The world of cryptocurrency can be treacherous, as I learned the hard way. After accumulating a sizeable amount of ETH over months of investing, I became the victim of a cunning scam artist who preyed on my enthusiasm. Lured in by promises of even greater returns, I was conned into transferring my precious ETH to a wallet controlled by this scammer. As soon as the transaction went through, they disappeared without a trace. My heart sank as I realized I had just lost a small fortune. How could I have been so naive? I berated myself for days, convinced that my hard-earned ETH was gone forever. But deep in an obscure forum, I found a glimmer of hope in the form of Gearhead Engineers cyber solutions. This service specialized in tracking down lost or stolen cryptocurrency, even in complex situations like mine. After an initial consultation, they used their forensic blockchain analysis skills, tracked the path of my ETH as it made its way through tumblers and mixers designed to obscure its origins. Day by day, they patiently unwove the tangled web of transactions created by the scammer. And finally, weeks later, they located the ETH in an exchange account belonging to the very same scammer who had deceived me. The relief I felt when Gearhead Engineers informed me that my ETH had been recovered was overwhelming. Thanks to their expertise, I got back assets I had been certain were gone forever. The whole experience taught me to be more cautious in the crypto sphere. But more importantly, I learned that even in the darkest situations, there are good people working for justice. Gearhead Engineers restored not just my money, but also my faith in thfe basic goodness of others. Ask them for help through: email gearhead @ engineer . com and website gearheadengineers . Org WhatsApp +1 (647) 477-2506

Antolin Tello said...


I had the incredible experience of working with Grayhat Hacks, a team of skilled hackers who are the best if not the only trustworthy recovery team you can find on the internet today. My crypto wallet was hacked, leaving my funds in jeopardy, and within just an hour of reaching out to them, they had not only recovered my stolen assets but also implemented enhanced security measures to safeguard them in the future.
I was in a state of shock and panic, I felt like it was over for me and that there was no way on earth I would ever get my funds back. I remember crying myself to sleep with no one to share my predicament with because I thought no one could come to my rescue.
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Kevin Martin said...

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Anonymous said...

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Bonnie Williams said...

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Daniel Fenton said...

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Jake Saunders said...

Earlier last year, I got involved with this lady I had met on instagram that posed herself to be a crypto trader and convinced me to invest in her annual program aimed at enabling crypto enthusiasts accumulate steady profits in crypto trading through her company without having to worry about suffering any real losses. At first, I made a few tentative deposits which went well without any form of withdrawal issues before she then advised me to up my investments, she said and I quote ‘’ Once you have a huge capital even the smallest ROl will make you money, and the smallest ROl are most times easier to get and come by, a 3% ROi excluding your initial investment of 100m is 3M and 30m for 1 billion, let's say you get that weekly spread across a number of months soon you would have made a lot of money easily. Everything had been laid out in a very legitimate way and the possibility of that being a fraud never occurred to me, I ended up depositing a hefty sum in the company. 3 months later, the website shut down and for so many weeks, she told me it was under maintenance which never got fixed till she also blocked me on all socials. This left me perplexed and stranded prompting me to take and immediate action once I realized I had been defrauded. Unfortunately all efforts to get the authorities involved failed to bear any concrete fruits so I decided to try something different and involve the expertise of cybersecurity professionals to help retrieve my funds from the scammers. After a while of investigating, I decided to report my case to J E T H A C K S RECOVERY CENTRE ( J e t h a c k s 7 @ g m a i l . c o m ) following their successful track history of helping scam victims retrieve their funds. The team indeed lived up to their reputation as my funds was safely recovered from the scammers in 48 hours. With that being said, I hope my story can help someone out there get the help they deserve, the team is also active on their official Telegram page: J E T H A C K S S

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However after VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM RECOVERED all I lost, it became clear that common mistakes often trip up even the most seasoned investors.Before one embarks on the investing journey its best to have in mind that the journey of investing should start with a roadmap; your investment goals are that roadmap. Setting clear, achievable targets allows you to measure progress and keeps you grounded in your financial journey. The Hackers at VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM can help you detect any mishap you have in your investment same way they did with mine, pointing you in the direction that are aligned with your unique financial situation and future aspirations. You’re not just throwing darts in the dark; you’re executing a well-planned strategy and you’ll only be confident with this information and your asset secured on the grounds you are associated with VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM.With VALOR TEAM on your side, you’ll surely understand the phrase “Two heads are better than One” because even Walker Texas Ranger didn't work alone, and he could've easily been a lone ranger.The key to success in INVESTMENT and in many other fields is building a team of people you can count on.You need connections with at least one real HACKER, a broker, an investment advisor both for your own deals and to assist with financing or guiding where you step in the investment Fields.Ready to elevate your investment game ? and definitely stop feeling helpless,work towards a plan for your financial future? VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM is here to help. Their team of dedicated hackers, armed with a blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, will help you sidestep these investing mistakes. YOU’LL BE ABLE TO CONTACT VALOR TEAM;
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Everyone probably makes this mistake at one point or another in their investing career. You may hear your relatives or friends talking about a stock/Investment company that they heard will get bought out, have killer earnings or soon release a groundbreaking new product. Even if these things are true, they do not necessarily mean that the stock/Investment is "the next big thing”. CONTACT VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM today to confirm your curiosity/uncertainty,You’ll thank me Later…

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In this world, where promises of easy wealth floods our daily news outlets like never before, there still exists a safe haven for those who are unjustly mistreated in their financial ventures. Everywhere I turned, people seemed to be effortlessly raking in profits from the comfort of their own homes. It got me Intrigued so I decided to test the waters of digital finance. I sought guidance from a group of online traders, eager to join the group and start taking in my own profits, I took the plunge.. investing my hard earned savings in the hopes of reaping the benefits later. As time passed, I watched my investment grow, motivated by the promise of even bigger returns I upgraded to the top tier plan, But little did I know, the very hands that had promised to lift me to new heights were plotting to drag me down into the depths of despair. It wasn't until I had invested a huge sum of USD 638,000.00 that I began to see through their charade. Despite my investments, at the end there were no returns, and no profits to show for my efforts. Desperate to recoup my losses, I pleaded with them to allow me to withdraw some funds to assuage my financial burdens, but my pleas fell on deaf ears. In a state of helplessness and despair, I turned to the authorities for help, hoping to hold those responsible accountable for their actions but even that bore no fruit at the end. It was in my darkest hour that a glimmer of hope emerged, in the form of a colleague who had faced a similar challenge. She spoke of JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE, a team of experts renowned for their ability to navigate the complex web of online scams and fraudulent transactions. I quickly reached out to them, explaining my difficult situation and supplying them with every bit of evidence I possessed. The team really exceeded my expectations, they went above and beyond to make sure my every payment was successfully traced down and then, like a beam of light cutting through the darkness, came the news I had longed to hear.. my funds had been successfully recovered in full, i felt alive again. Today, I stand as a testament to the amazing work of this team, I do so with abundant joy and gratitude and I urge you to contact JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE for assistance if you face a similar situation. They can be reached via information below. TELEGRAM USERNAME @ JETHACKSS EMAIL : JETHACKS 7 @ GMAIL . COM

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Berlin LaRocca said...

I got a yahoo-mail and Gmail account successfully hacked yesterday with the help of spyexpert0@gmail.com.

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The firm K N I G H T H O O D B O T H A C K C O R P was instrumental in recovering my funds lost to crypto scammers. I first encountered a supposed stock broker on YouTube while watching a video about SpaceX and NVIDIA. She responded to my comment about my interest in starting trading in 2024, as I’ve always been passionate about the stock market and planning for my kids future with the right guidance. It seemed like she knew exactly what I was looking for and offered to help. We then switched to WhatsApp, where I was introduced to several apps for trading. Initially, I was skeptical, but she presented documents that appeared legitimate, so I believed her. They even set up a group chat where I was instructed to fund my trading account via wire transfers, which totaled £182,000. It wasn’t until later that I realized I had been ensnared in a scam. This realization prompted me to seek a reputable hacker to help recover even a portion of my invested funds. To my greatest surprise, K N I G H T H O O D B O T RECOVERY CORP didn’t just recover a portion—they retrieved the entire amount. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my account with the recovered funds.Since then, I have hired K N I G H T H O O D B O T H A C K C O R P to safeguard me from any cyber threats while exploring the internet, which I do often these days. If you ever need their services or clarification on digital issues, you can contact the firm via email at “K N I G H T H O O D B O T AT GMAIL DOT COM” or on Telegram with the username “ K N I G H T H O O D B O T 9 .” They offer top-notch services and consistently deliver on each case they handle; I speak from experience. We must take action to protect ourselves, as these scammers have no remorse and will walk away with our funds if we don’t react.

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susan said...

I advise first-time bitcoin investors to do their research before entrusting any of these Bitcoin investment websites with their hard earned funds. They gain your trust by portraying fake huge profits to convince you to put more funds, till when you invest a substantial sum, they intentionally freeze your account and demand for more payments to have your profits released. I had invested with a bogus company that ripped me off $198000 worth of Crypto, this was close to everything I Had in my savings. special thanks to Century Hackers Recovery, whose recovery company put in a lot of effort and made sure I had my money back If you ever find yourself in a similar scenario, you can reach out to Century Hackers Recovery Recovery through; Email: century@cyberservices.com
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I am writing to express my satisfaction regarding the exceptional services I have received in making sure my funds were successfully retrieved. I want this to also serve as a formal warning against anyone that comes across the attautomatetrading .com to stir clear and avoid doing business with them. I engaged their trading services with the expectation of a 90 day ROI as promised in their company’s terms and conditions. Unfortunately, what was initially supposed to last for 90 days eventually became 4 months of long peril and anguish for me. After more than four months of engagement with their investment services, I had been denied access to my earnings withdrawal. My funds were placed on hold with no guaranteed timeframe for approval and this left me utterly bewildered. After weeks of obvious delay tactics, I approached their support desk to request for money-back guarantee in accordance with the agreed-upon terms given to me by the platform before I initially agreed to invest with them. This was my last resort, however to my greatest dismay, I was informed that I am ineligible for the money-back guarantee because I made the request after 90 days. This contradicts the initial terms, which clearly states a guaranteed access to capital over the course of engagement. This situation raised serious concerns about the transparency and integrity of their activities . I have paid nearly $480,000 for a service that has failed to deliver on its promises, and I felt misled by the company’s guarantee. like every other person here, I was compelled to escalate my complaint through relevant consumer protection agencies and consider legal action. It was revealed all to me about their fraudulent practices thorough my investigation into this matter by JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE whom also assured me that my funds would be successfully recovered. I believe it is only fair and just that I receive what rightfully belongs to me, same goes for every other person out there who has been cheated out of their funds and JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE is the right team to help you do that. After having my funds recovered, it is with great honor and gratitude that I recommended this team to others as well, you can find the team on any of their active supports below
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VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM is one of the most respected names in global Asset Recovery Services, In this article
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At first, the idea of reaching out to anyone when trying to recover lost digital assets can be scary. I spent quite a bit of time and did my research on which digital assets recovery company or a recovery solution may be the best fit for me. I am very busy working full-time and being a single mom while also trying to go to school myself. Deciding which solution to employ wasn’t an easy decision but in the end, I chose JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE, they checked all the boxes for me being a top ethical recovery firm. I enquired further about their services on Their Telegram support @ JETHACKSS to get some information and felt that I was met with very qualified and proficient hands from the get go! Once the team explained everything to me it felt like it was the right step to take so I could finally get my life back from my not so good financial adventure. We all have to start somewhere when it comes to rebuilding after something bad happens, It was very nice to talk to somebody who was knowledgeable and wanted to help. The customer guarantee is excellent not many other Companies have as high of a success rate. I felt like they really cared and took the time to tailor my situation and only then, provided a laid out solution to recover my funds within 48 hours. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes when the funds entered my account, after so many disappointments and losses, someone finally kept to their word to me, i got the ultimate win in the end. They also gave me information that I did not know about in terms of how to navigate the digital financial market and how to identify verifiable informations not just what looks good on paper. I hope that this information will be helpful to anyone seeking professional and ethical recovery solutions to reach out to JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE ( JETHACKS 7 @ GMAIL . COM ) like I did ! The team is excellent. I appreciate their help so very much! I’m now on track to rebuilding my life and I am happy to see where I can get to!

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VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM has served a broad range of companies, organizations, and institutions through Asset Retrieval, investment Analysis,Fraud Intervention & execution team and advisory capabilities.I say all this because I had the privilege of collaborating with VALOR TEAM after a get rich quick scheme gone bad,”Long story short not everything you see on social media is actually real .Instead I took risks without proper research and being new to the whole term “cryptocurrency investments” we new investors tend to be at opposite ends of the risk spectrum. We don’t want to lose money but also want big returns. This leads to people taking chances too early in their investment journey. I can’t blame my ignorance for my losses.Because I never thought the company I was involved in was a fraud or that I was investing into something risky, lost money and almost stopped investing altogether, I’m expressing my sincere gratitude to “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” For all their assistance. Already you are panicking and searching for a solution or a way out of that unsure investment you got going on or a frozen account/asset, it could be anything but one thing is certain VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM IS QUALIFIED.
Risk is a very real part of investing but getting the wrong idea about it can mess up how we structure our portfolios.Making investments in the stock market is an excellent way to grow your wealth. When done properly it feels like magic! You put money in and later you take out more than you deposited. VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM widened my awareness to fraud, made me realize It’s not about jumping into companies after seeing their name beside a rocket emoji on Reddit. When you find yourself hoping a share will shoot skyward without considering what will happen if it doesn’t, you might be gambling, not investing.
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Of course, the opposite can happen and you can lose money,LET VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM protect you against that!.

Gianne Volsky said...

With my limited experience from working in an IT company, I assumed I could easily navigate the crypto investment world. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Just two months after joining an investment platform I discovered through YouTube ads, I was scammed. I had frequently downloaded apps and other items from YouTube ads, trusting that if YouTube approved the ads, they were legitimate. I even conducted my own research on the company, and everything appeared clean. Confident in my decision, I went ahead and invested USDT182,000, but I didn’t receive a single payout.I tried everything within my power to resolve the issue myself, but the company kept asking for a certain legal fee to reopen my account for withdrawal. Frustrated and desperate, I decided to involve a third party to oversee the situation. That’s when K N I G H T H O O D B O T HACK CORP came into the picture and things took a turn. They advised me not to pay any more money to the fraudulent company, explaining that even if I paid the fees, the company would still withhold my funds.Working with K N I G H T H O O D B O T HACK CORP, I embarked on a recovery path that taught me more about the internet and how it operates. Their guidance enlightened me on many things I initially didn’t know about online scams. After a successful recovery, I gained a deeper understanding of the investment process and how scammers trick people into believing the fake numbers on their websites are real. This experience was a significant learning curve for me, making me more cautious and informed about online investments.
I am forever grateful to the K N I G H T H O O D B O T HACK CORP team for their crucial role in this process. Without their expertise and intervention, I would have thought my funds were lost forever. They proved that FUNDS RECOVERY was possible and helped me reclaim my money. Their knowledge and professional approach were instrumental in turning around what seemed like a hopeless situation.

Contact info below .
TELEGRAM ID : K N I G H T H O O D B O T 9 . Their assistance was invaluable to me, and I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with online investment fraud.

Marc Benton said...

The results are good. If getting your funds swiftly recovered is your goal, this is your company. Their system is "no frills". Here's the kicker, once they accept your case, then it is 100 percent guaranteed to be recovered successfully, their team is the best. This is the difference between JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE and the rest other recovery firms. Previously I had used one recovery company and also a recovery agent before now, both ended up finessing me out of the little money I had left. This team offers you transparency and accountability for each step deployed during the process of recovery and their process is designed to accurately attack your specific situation. As far as actual recovery goes, JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE system is always more effective, quote me anywhere!. They took the time with me going over my case and how best to proceed to ensure the funds is surely repossessed from the scammers account. I entered an agreement with a certain investment platform in good faith but in the end, they tried to play some underhanded tricks to avoid holding up to their end of the agreement. After about 4 months of engaging their services, their payment gateway suddenly stopped working automatically and when I tried to work it out with the Admin, They pressed me for more payment because the Admin would not authorize me in withdrawing my payments, but instead I had to clear some series of fees to the point where I couldn’t afford the next one. So I was forced to explore alternative means to possibly recover my assets and that was how I luckily found great reviews speaking highly of this team and how they’ve been very helpful in resolving cases like mine.. I hoped they’d help in my situation as well so I consulted their services using their contact details i got online, Email : JETHACKS 7 @ GMAIL . COM and Telegram ID @ JETHACKSS , thankfully they responded back, accepted my case and restored happiness to my miserable life within 48 hours. I can only say Tremendous things about this team, you can contact them as well to assist you.

Judy West said...

READ THIS CAREFULLY &; File your complaints accordingly.
You could post & Read whatever article you could lay your hands online & wait for a poster to tell you who is major compared to others. From my perspective my experience with “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM opened my eyes to reality and why you should consider this article a gem,i strongly advice you to focus on the positives in your life and guard against the risk of sitting in your living room 15 years from now ruminating against the opportunities that you missed in present day because you were busy brooding. Act today by contacting VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM;
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I had a lot of optimism going into business with this company and future plans for myself when I started earning. Initially i wanted to subscribe the top tier plan hoping to accumulate as much earnings as possible but the rep initially discouraging me from just enthusiastically jumping to the top, told me that this was a company of integrity and they propose to build with me, as well as my trading history. I'm not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, and I liked that the rep's position was, start small and grow big with time. That's how I got ensnared into their net. So I started with a much lesser package and when I saw everything went according to what they promised, only then did I proceed to elect the highest tier investment program with an expected growth of 5% fixed ROI throughout my time with the company. That being said, you are at the mercy of these people to properly utilize your funds and remit back both profits and initial capital to you as agreed upon. According to their trade regulations, Every withdrawal request has to go through a 3 day processing time. All you’re required to do is place the request, this is something anyone can do even from their sleep yet I encountered some unexplainable complications while attempting to withdraw my balance. They also told me that I had to remit some payment on different occasions to have the request approved. A friend recommended I recruit the services of JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE which have proven to be highly effective in resolving situations like mine. Thankfully their efforts worked out as they had my assets traced and recouped from the fraudulent company, I have no idea how they pull something difficult as this but am thankful they did, it saved my life from destruction. I think everyone's situation is different, but they have experience dealing with all kinds, so you can as well reach out to them for help should you be experiencing something similar to this situation, they’re available on Email : JETHACKS 7 @ GM AIL . COM and on Telegram via the username @ JETHACKSS

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I wanted to take a moment to address a topic that is of great concern - the effects of online binary investments. Binary investments can massively improve one’s financial situation but it can also cause devastating financial losses when you don’t get it done right, wreaking havoc on our physical health, mental well-being, and relationships. I was so excited to finally have help from JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE in this David & Goliath battle I had been fighting alone. I reached out to the team on their telegram support @ JETHACKSS Yet at the same time I was very scared given what I heard about dishonest digital assets recovery services. My heart racing, I listened to what the man has to say, asked my questions, all his replies were on point and professionally tackled the questions I’ve been asking myself, which did ease my nerves a little. I gave my permission immediately for them to proceed with the tracing process, forwarding all available informations and details of my transaction with the company to their email support @ JETHACKS 7 @ GMAIL .COM . In less than an hour, he was reading the tracing report to me which concluded on what I was already suspecting. Thankfully, the team also informed me that my case could still be resolved and my funds recovered back to me, then he explained how the team would immediately go about the process which lasted for about 2 days then I got a deposit confirmation in my wallet the next morning. It has indeed been a life changing experience for me but i’m glad I got the right professionals to step in, they helped make sense of what seemed like spinning tires in the mud because I was distraught at first. Thanks for being good people. Faith in humanity restored, at least a bit.

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It is essential that we raise awareness about the damaging effects of digital investment Ponzi schemes and support those who may be struggling financially as an aftermath of their involvement with such schemes. Let's come together as a community to provide education, resources, and a helping hand to those in need. By doing so, we can create a safer and healthier cyberspace for everyone.
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Did some part of you think about the possibility of investment fraud while another part of you wondered if there was an opportunity to make money?
Scenarios and reactions like these are common. After all, being curious and willing to take risks are characteristics of people who become fabulously wealthy. But they’re also universally human characteristics, and they can get us in trouble.Even if everything seems to check out, never ignore your gut feeling. We can’t always articulate why something feels off, but that message your mind or body has picked up on is worth listening to. Your future financial security may depend on it and When you do Listen… It’s not too late to contact VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM;
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The most distinctive and unique feature of crypto transactions is it’s total anonymity and security therefore the possibility of tracing and reverting crypto funds/ assets seemed far fetched to me. A wallet address as we all know bears no name, routing number or live address, it simply has no personal details to reveal the owner, just some automatically generated alphabets with numbers and there is no reverting a transaction once completed successfully.. at least that was what I had initially thought but today I stand before you to quash that narrative regarding the irreversible nature of crypto transactions. I’m a living testament to this reality, as a matter of fact, I can bet my life on it. Crypto assets recovery is very much real and thanks to JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE for making it possible, you guys are the best. Prior to employing the services of this firm, I was faced with the unkind reality of what a pig butchering scam feels like. I lost a huge sum in USDC assets to a Chinese hedge funds that focuses more on the crypto market over the period of 2 and half years. The partnership started after I connected with this funds managers on LinkedIn and got impressed with their impressive track record of consistently beating the market, I did my research and I thought everything checked out before I signed the contracts. My net profits grew significantly within this period but according to the contracts, each investor can only access their account once per year, I did that in my first year but unfortunately in the second year, I started having troubles accessing my account. This led to a chain of complications and the need to remit fee after fee to sort out this problem. The idea of hiring a professional recovery firm never occurred to me until I was tipped off by a certain post on Quora and the rest was history. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the this firm and all its staff, you guys chose to be ethical and professional in a time where almost every other company or person seems to have a hidden agenda . JETHACKS RECOVERY CENTRE can be found on Email and TELEGRAM contacts below TELEGRAM: Jethackss Email : Jethacks 7 @ gmail . Com


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If you have concerns about a potential scam or believe you may be a victim to one, don’t be afraid to ask questions or Assistance. Contact VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM;
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Investing money online is now quicker and easier than ever before. You’re often just a click away from investing your hard-earned cash into something that promises great financial returns.
It’s as simple as that. Or, is it…?
All types of investments carry some risk– it’s not just the Investment profits you need to keep an eye on, but also who and what you’re investing in.
There are a number of clever, well-thought-out investment scams that aim to catch out people who try to “get rich quick.”After my little episode with investment fraud, it became clear that almost as soon as investment opportunities hit the Internet, so, too, did investment scams.Having friends in high places gave me access to hackers like “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” and I’m out here giving out this game for all to relieve themselves of their financial burden because when it comes to investing, it is crucial to protect yourself from fraud by conducting your own research and taking advantage of the resources you have available to you,RECOVER ALL YOU LOST WITH ”VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM” you can thank me later…

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Life is so filled with many unforeseen circumstances and sometimes, Maintaining a secure financial stability is often regarded as a tightrope walk between success and failure, because life happens irrespective of how hyper-vigilant or cautious you thought to be. For over 3 months, i struggled to get my withdrawal application approved all to no avail as the application was placed on pending status but just few days ago after I contacted J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E, the team have recouped back the full amount on my dashboard which was placed on pending status, all credit to this Team. overwhelmed with joy, i have decided to come here and share my story whilst hoping to encourage others who have in the past or is currently experiencing similar issues/ mishaps with their investments to reach out to this team for help, their process is proven beyond doubts to be highly effective. The company provides impeccable recovery service and in a relatively short period of time. My collaboration with the team resulted to a swift successful recovery operation of my funds even though at first I wasn’t a firm believer. This is my story, I made the wrong choice to get involved with an affiliate group traders I met on Facebook, I had followed the group activates for a while before deciding to sign up with them. I got misled by the numerous doctored videos and payment proofs they provided because I was so eager to start earning my own huge profits. The platform eventually turned out to be a paper platform being used to deceive enthusiastic investors with less knowledge about trading’s and how to go about it but my great thanks to this wonderful recovery firm for helping me out when they did, I was treated me like i was his only client, frequently communicating via telegram username : J E T H A C K S S and email : J ET H A C K S 7 @ G M A I L . C O M , always providing updates until the very last minute that my funds arrived in my wallet. If you’re serious about recovering your stolen funds or you were scammed, J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y C E N T R E should be atop your list.

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I believe I am not the only one who has witnessed the impressive work K N I G H T H O O D B O T RECOVERY CORP does for CRYPTO INVESTMENT VICTIMS like myself . This group of hackers has been incredibly helpful to the crypto community, especially for newbies like us who try to venture into crypto and end up getting scammed. They help track down scammers who pose as investment agents or stockbrokers. These fraudsters might use different tactics, but it generally involves convincing you to invest your funds in their company with the promise of long-term profits. However, when the agreed trading period ends, they come up with excuses to prevent you from withdrawing your investment. This is extremely frustrating because it takes advantage of people trying to build their wealth through investments and stocks.
Thankfully, K N I G H T H O O D B O T RECOVERY HACKING AGENCY has committed itself to fighting these scammers and ensuring that funds lost to such companies are recovered. I am very pleased that I learned about this team soon after my scam incident. Throughout the entire process, they were patient and transparent, guiding me through every step and ensuring our primary goal was achieved. If you are skeptical about contacting them—understandable given past experiences with scam companies or failed recovery attempts—rest assured that the team of hackers at K N I G H T H O O D B O T HACK CORP is experienced and trustworthy. I am sharing this based on my personal experience, and I can say they live up to their online reputation. They are worth a try.

Here are their contact details for reaching out to them directly:

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I invested in various cryptocurrencies over the years and had accumulated a significant amount in my digital wallet. However, one day, i found himself locked out of my wallet. Despite numerous attempts to recover my password and access the funds, I was unsuccessful and feared that i had lost my investments for good. Feeling desperate and frustrated, I turned to J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y F I R M in hopes of retrieving my lost digital assets. Their team of experienced professionals immediately sprang into action, carefully analyzing the situation and devising a tailored recovery plan for my case. The process of recovering lost digital assets can be complex and challenging, requiring a deep understanding of blockchain technology, encryption protocols, and advanced recovery techniques. However, the team leveraged their expertise and cutting-edge tools to navigate through the intricacies of blockchain transactions and cryptographic security measures. Through a meticulous forensic analysis of my wallet account, the team were able to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the security layers protecting my funds. By leveraging their knowledge of blockchain technology and employing sophisticated recovery methods, the team successfully gained access to my wallet and recovered my lost cryptocurrencies. The moment i received the news that my digital assets had been successfully recovered, i was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. The funds in my wallet are not just numbers on a screen; they represented my hard-earned money and financial security. If you find yourself in a similar situation where you have lost access to your digital assets, don't hesitate to reach out to this team of skilled professionals. They are here to guide you through the recovery process and restore your peace of mind, below is their contact information
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Harry Kirton said...

VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM is a leading global alternative for ASSET RECOVERY offering clients complementary primary and secondary solutions to Fraudulent investment/private equity’s.Being freshly scammed is an eye opener and if one doesn’t find his/her footing, they might never bounce back from that hit,my emotions at it’s peak as I write this but never a sign of defeat because I know how it feels to be helpless right after our finances are sucked dry by what we believed to be an Expansion.I advocate on my social page’s too of what an excellent team “VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM is,if your search for assistance ever lands you on this article, don’t bother about Authenticity,100% Tested & Trusted .I’ll tell it how it happened, Facebook as we all know it With numerous groups, pages, and friend's profiles to comment on,Facebook scrolling is an addictive pastime. However, due its immense popularity,this leading social media platform has also become a prime target for cybercriminals looking to exploit our personal information,enact scams, and generally wreak havoc on our digital lives.They netted my heart & pocket,with the early investment I made successfully deposited & withdrawn thereby having full trust I wasted no time investing my life savings.The worst part about these Investments on Facebook is that it gets introduced to us by a supposed lover you met who helps smoothen your thought whenever he/she senses doubt or withdrawal from the course, never thinking I was being scammed i kept investing until few weeks ago when I tried to make a Withdrawal.I was met with a lot of fees,upgrades, more fees but I still didn’t have my money, that sad moment it finally hits you and you think to yourself was this all a scam ?.VALOR HACK RECOVERY TEAM nevertheless recovered every single dollar I put in the so called binary investment,I have no doubt they can Recover what you lost too no matter the circumstances.Contact VALOR TEAM* Email: Valorhaq @ gmail dot cm* Telegram: Valorhaq_HQ

Cale Landry said...

Finding myself a victim of a phishing scam was a distressing experience that left me reeling with anxiety and uncertainty about the security of my digital assets. It was a challenging moment when I realized that a significant portion of my investments had been compromised. Seeking expert guidance and support, I turned to J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y F I R M for assistance. J E T H A C K S team of professionals demonstrated a remarkable level of compassion and expertise throughout the recovery process. Their proactive approach and attention to detail reassured me that my case was being handled with the utmost care and urgency. Their profound knowledge of blockchain technology and digital security instilled confidence in me that a positive outcome was achievable. Throughout the recovery process, the team’s incredible level of commitment to resolving my situation was evident. They conducted a thorough analysis of the fraudulent transactions, employing advanced tools and methodologies to identify the perpetrators and trace the flow of my assets. Their diligence and expertise led to the successful recovery of a significant portion of my stolen funds. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to J E T H A C K S R E C O V E R Y F I R M for their exceptional service and unwavering dedication to helping individuals in times of crisis. Their professionalism, integrity, and results-driven approach make them a trusted partner in the realm of digital asset recovery. I wholeheartedly endorse their services to anyone in need of expert assistance in reclaiming lost or stolen digital assets, they’re available to respond to you directly via their following contact information,
Email address : J E T H A C K S 7 @ G M A I L . C O M Or Telegram support @ J E T H A C K S S
Thank you, J E T H A C K S, for your outstanding support and expertise.

Fiona Randolph said...

Losing thousands of dollars to crypto scammers on my very first investment attempt was a tough experience. Fortunately, my funds were safely recovered within a week after contacting K N I G H T H O O D B O T H A C K CORP through email at K N I G H T H OO D B O T @ G MAIL COM . Reading several positive reviews about the company and their competent recovery team instilled a spark of hope in me.
K N I G H T H O O D B O T H A C K CORP is renowned for their exceptional recovery services. Their expertise doesn’t just lie in their technical capabilities; their client service is also outstanding. They ensure that you are guided through every step of the process until the goal is successfully achieved.
It's easy to fall prey to scam companies that present themselves as legitimate, especially if you are new to the crypto community. These fraudulent entities often lure investors with promises of enormous returns, only to request additional, undisclosed fees later on—a frustrating and deceiving tactic.
However, my experience with K N I G H T H O O D B O T H A C K CORP was entirely different. Their professionalism and transparency made the recovery process clear and efficient. I am sincerely pleased with the results and their supportive approach.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can also reach out to them via Telegram with the username K N I G H T H O O D B O T 9 . In my opinion, these individuals are experts in the field and can help you recover your lost assets with great proficiency.