Game of Thrones Avoidance - Week 4

It was another rough week, as the public couldn't stop talking about a major character death! In this video, I address what that particular plot turn might mean for book-only fans!

See you back here next week, when, with any luck, I'll have heard that Ramsay Bolton is dead! Just kidding, that obviously can't happen until next year.

Oh, damn it, I just realized that the Hound is definitely coming back. Damn Ian McShane. Well, save that for the next video!


The Two Hundred Fifty-Second Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Wow, is this a fantastic throw-away villain.


Game of Thrones Avoidance! Week 3!

Another week, another rundown of things I've overheard or read in the past week of trying to avoid Winds of Winter spoilers!

This week features a bunch of spoilers, but as far as I can tell, very few of them have anything to do with WoW! So that's promising, right?


The Two Hundred Fifty-First Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

"The Human Bomb punched the skeleton right in its face."

This should be the first line of every novel.


The Game of Thrones Avoidcast - Week 2!

That's right, it's been a week, so how have I done in keeping away from Game of Thrones info that might spoil the next book in the series?

Find out by watching the new episode.

Or I suppose you could just ask me, but this is probably more convenient for both of us.

See you back here next time!


The Two Hundred Fiftieth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

I've yet to tire of how wonderfully kinetic Plastic Man action scenes always are.


The Game of Thrones avoidance-cast, Week 1

Yes, just as the title suggests, I'm going to be spending the foreseeable future avoiding spoilers about Game of Thrones! This journey will be chronicled in video format, starting below!

So join me hear each week for updates on how my trial is progressing - for the next eight weeks. If I manage to stay spoiler-free after the finale, obviously updates will slow down, since less people will be talking about the show!

The Two Hundred Forty-Ninth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Now a moment in the Quality Comics art sweatshop, circa 1944...

"Gosh, it's boring drawing this guy wandering around, looking for a bird... Hey, I know, I'll draw an overtly sexualized woman standing in the foreground! That's what kids like, right?"