Programme 49 (28-January-78)

This whole ‘cover story’ thing isn’t going to continue after Dan Dare’s storyline wraps up, is it? Because it would kind of suck if it didn’t.


Flesh... The Game!

As promised, here's a PDF featuring the full-resolution images of the Flesh Game, along with the rules!

Simply print out the images, sized so they'll fit on a standard playing card (or cut bristol board). Paste the images to the cards on top of the faces so that you'll be unable to identify which card is which when placed face-down.

Then you're ready to play a game of Flesh!


Programme 46 (7-Jan-78)


Well, that’s a horse of a different colour. It seems 32 pages wasn’t enough this time around, and they had to expand the first story to the cover. It’s pretty common to keep things going right to the back cover, but this is just strange.

I’m not an enemy of strangeness, though, and the space-crucifixions are just a striking image. Also, I like the weird alien face on that rightmost corpse.

And hey, look, there’s going to be another game!

Programme 45 (31-December-77)


Well, I’m guessing that’s officially it for Supercovers. Sad, isn’t it? I know Supercovers had their highs and lows, but it was an extra story every single week for six months, and they were certainly fun while they lasted.

But yeah, largely they weren’t great.


Programme 42 (10-December-77)


Alien zoo? Alien casino? Shrunken-down people? Who can say?

Programme 41 (3-December-77)


Ah, monsters who enjoy humans as food. Does a more solid sci-fi premise exist anywhere?

Programme 40 (26-November-77)

Cover:I know what the secret of the Microverse is. It’s that it was drawn by Kevin O’Neill. And then ripped off by Marvel.


Programme 39 (19-November-77)

Is it just me, or are the SuperCovers quickly becoming the best part of this comic? Not their stories of course, which invariably disappoint, but the covers themselves are just wonderful.

Although I’ve got to ask – just what is that Alien looking at?

Programme 38 (12-November-77)

Programme 38 (12-Nov-77)


It’s a rock that’s also a dragon. In space. If you don’t understand why that’s great, then what the hell are you doing here? There aren’t any words you could have mistyped that would have brought you to ‘Vardulon.com’.