The Hundred Sixty-Second Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Here's another thing that fascinates me - mythological figures who have disappeared in the recent past. I've seen a version of this guy show up a few times now reading fiction from the early-to-mid 20th century, but growing up, the idea of a personification of the North Wind never made an appearance.


The Hundred Sixty-First Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

The specific content of this panel refers to Japanese technology being too shoddy to form the basis for time bombs.

I'm far more interested in the overall act being depicted - a cruel racist stereotype making a cruel racist slur. That's something you don't get to see much of these days.


The Hundred Sixtieth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you're close enough to the thing you're bombing that it blowing up could hurt you, then you're flying too close.


The Hundred Fifty-Ninth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Okay, quiz time - based on the statement made in that title card, which famous fictional character would not welcome Black X?


Netflix has been stealing from you.

I was watching Taken 2 on Netflix a couple of nights ago, and I was shocked by how garbage-y the film looked. I'd remembered the first film as decent enough, so the huge visual step downwards was something of a shock.

Then I realized that the movie was filling up the entire screen, which shouldn't have been possible - even if the movie only had a 1.85 ratio, that's still thinner than HDTV's 1.77 - so where were the black bars?

Could the film really look this terrible?


What the hell, internet ad?

So I've had more than a few problems with internet ads in the past - mostly those of credit agencies - what with them being completely inept at making their points. The other day I happened across one that leaped well beyond regular incompetence into the absurd-

Please tell me that someone just grabbed the wrong image when they were making the ad and there was no oversight before it went up. Please tell me that this wasn't an attempt to create some kind of a metaphoric relationship between debt and physical abuse.

Or debt and people who are bad at special effect makeup.