Programme 53 (25-Feb-78)


Another story cover, this one picking up the whole ‘clone impersonates Dan’ storyline. Personally, I’m still hoping that it’s going to take a Phillip K. Dick kinda twist and it’ll turn out that we’ve been watching the clone, who genuinely thinks he’s Dan. Will this prove to be the case? Find out as the review continues! Although, based on the plot as we see it on this page, with Dan making a sudden course change, there’s no way that’s the real guy.

(also, is that closeup based on a real-life model? It seems weirdly detailed and unlike Dave Gibbons’ normal style.)


Programme 50 (4-February-78)


So the cliffhanger was resolved on the cover on the next issue. Daring stratagem, Dan Dare. What is this ‘Space Cruiser’ of which they speak? I’ve never heard of such a film!