The Fifth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics!

This is the exact way that everyone should handle this situation. The falsely-accused superhero, the cop, everyone.

And you just know that later on he came back and straightened those bars out.

It's an Avod Saturday!

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I don’t know if Red Sands sets a record for ruining the film’s ending, after all, the Strangers did one hell of a great job with the title cards, but it’s possibly unique in the way the film throws away not just the twist ending, but every main plot point in its opening seconds.

The first scene of the film involves Doctor Ray from ER sitting in an Afghani military installation, being questioned by his superior officer, prominent genre actor and professional J. Jonah Jameson impersonator, J.K. Simmons.

Ray’s staring at the camera intensely while JK explains that everyone else in the squad was killed, and no one knows how.