Programme 1 (26-Feb-1977)

I have a long history with 2000AD. While searching for a comic to read as a young child, I happened across something called Judge Dredd, published by Eagle Comics. Luckily my parents had no problem with me reading these patently inappropriate funnybooks, so I began collecting everything the company published. Trips to comic book stores and conventions allowed me to track down every available American Judge Dredd reprint comic, first from Eagle Comics, and then afterwards, from Quality Comics, which took over publishing them in the mid-80s. When I ran out of Judge Dredd comics, I moved on to their host of other reprint comics, including Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, and 2000AD presents, which featured miscellaneous serialized stories. Eventually, these ran out as well when Quality went bust, and I had only one avenue of access left open to me, tracking down the comic that all of these were being reprinted from: 2000AD.


The Forever Dead is Horrible

I never know how I'm going to end up talking about a movie until I start watching it. Many films can be covered in just a sentence or two. For example, here's my review of The Mist: Turn it off one minute before the credits roll, and you've seen a good movie. Watch the last minute, and you've seen a terrible movie.

Some movies, though, demand to be examined. Poured over in detail, their every moment considered. Such a film is The Forever Dead.

It's a little difficult to synopsize the film, as it plays pretty fast and loose with continuity, so where possible, I'm going to minimize describing the jumping around in order to keep things as coherent as possible.


Army of Two is the Gayest Thing I've Ever Seen

And I've seen 300. Sure, you could make the argument that since that was about gay soldiers, and Army of Two moves the homosexual themes of its protagonists into the realm of subtext, that 300 is the gayer of the two, but you would be wrong.

The primary reason for this is that while the Spartans were literally having sex with one another all the damn time, they actually took the whole 'war' thing seriously, and are remembered primarily for their fighting acumen, and secondarily for their child molestation.

Compare this to the main characters from the game Army of Two:

While I'm not saying that writing the word 'Merc' across the codpiece of your body armour is necessarily an advertisement for your services as a male prostitute, it certainly makes a persuasive impression in that direction, and I haven't seen anything in the game to suggest another interpretation.