How to Ruin Your Own Movie!

From time to time, filmmakers decide, for one reason or another, to do everything possible to undercut any chance of their film being effective.

Here are some examples of these self-destructive creative endeavors.

Home Movie
Red Sands
The Strangers
The X-Files: I Want to Believe


Please enjoy some reviews, arranged here in alphabetical order, and separated by medium! Feature-length reviews are noted with an (FL). When a movie is discussed in an episode of TheAvod, it will be noted with an (AVOD) - simply click on it to be taken to that episode.

13 Hours in a Warehouse
909 Experiment (AVOD)
Alien Raiders
Alive Or Dead
A Nightmare on Elm Street (Series) (AVOD)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2009) - (Livenoting) (AVOD)
April Fool's Day (2008) (AVOD)
Autopsy (AVOD)
Babysitter Wanted (AVOD)
Blood and Bone (AVOD)
Blood and Sex Nightmare (AVOD)
Boogeyman 1, 2, 3, (AVOD)
Book of Blood (AVOD)
The Call of Cthulhu (AVOD)
The Cell 2
The Collector (AVOD)
The Dark Knight
Deadwood Hills
Death Race 2000 (AVOD)
Death Race 2008 (FL)
The Devil's Chair (AVOD)
Eagle Eye (AVOD)
Escape From LA (AVOD)
Das Experiment (AVOD)
Fighting (AVOD)
The Final (AVOD)
Final Destination (FL)
Final Destination 2 (FL)
Final Destination 3 (FL)
Final Destination 4: The Final Destination (FL)
The Fog (AVOD)
Friday the 13th Parts 1-11 (AVOD)
Friday the 13th (2009) (AVOD)
The Graves
Halloween (AVOD)
Hatchet (AVOD)
Home Movie (AVOD)
House of the Devil (AVOD)
Inside (FL)
Joy Ride 2
Jumper (AVOD)
Kiss of the Vampire/Eternally Yours
Lake Mungo (AVOD)
Mask of the Phantasm (AVOD)
Near Dark (AVOD)
Night Train
Ninja Assassin (AVOD)
The Poker Club
The Poughkeepsie Tapes (AVOD)
Prince of Darkness (AVOD)
Punisher: War Zone (AVOD)
Ressurection (AVOD)
Rest Stop 2 (AVOD)
Rollerball (AVOD)
Saw 1-6 (FL) (AVOD)
Scanners (AVOD)
Serenity (AVOD)
Skinwalkers (AVOD)
Smash Cut (AVOD)
Speed Racer
Spiral (AVOD)
Strange Days (AVOD)
The Strangers (A Four-Part attempt to watch the film!) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
Sukiyaki Western Django (AVOD)
Twilight (AVOD)
The Unborn (AVOD)
Watchmen (AVOD)
When a Stranger Calls (AVOD)
Who Can Kill a Child? (AVOD)
Wolverine (AVOD)
Wrong Turn 3 (FL) (AVOD)

Batman is not good at maintaining a secret identity
Dusk (FL)
Friday the 13th (FL) Part: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Mr. Tawny Battles the KKK!
M. Night Shyamalan Rips Off Captain Marvel!
Tom Mix has a complicated relationship with violence!

Being Human (AVOD)
Darkplace (AVOD)
Dead Set (AVOD)
Durham County
Jekyll (AVOD)
Medium Undercuts the Whole Point of the Show
Medium Rips Off Criminal Minds
Medium and Numb(three)ers have Questionable Morals