So, who is Greg?

In my popular Criminal Minds reviews, I often refer to one of the lead characters as 'Greg'. I do this as a way of testing the age of the people who read the reviews.

Now, some years later, I've elected to put the answer to that question in an easy-to-find location. Just below this line of text.

You're welcome?


Kalieka said...

Had no problem following your reviews wherein you call Hotch "Greg." It is Your review and thus Your style comes out in the way you nickname the characters to support Your creative mind and writing.

If one were to read enough of your episode-by-episode reviews, when you say Greg, if people are like me, in my mind, I see the Face of Thomas Gibson. So! problem covered and hopefully solved for future inquiring minds. :-P Thank you for posting on that special piece because I have been reading comment after comment, and yes, they have been giving you a wee bit of a hard time on that particular point. No worries! Friendly nod to my fellow commenters and I look forward to reading All of your reviews, comments, and other postings!

busterggi said...

Oh I'm old enough but I never watched the show. Not a criticism of it, I haven't watched most shows.p[-0

Greg Wilson said...

Love criminal minds and I find your C.I. blog hilarious. Anyway you can call him "Shinkicker". Too bad he ain't around no I more.

Greg Wilson said...

Opps! No more.

Greg Wilson said...


manho valentine said...

Opps! No more