Programme 20 (9-July-77)

Cover: It’s number 2 in our series of supercovers, but I’m not going to complain this time. Oh, sure, it’s doing nothing more than plugging an interesting premise that the comic is going to do absolutely nothing with, but I don’t care. Why? Because I recognized the way those people’s clothes were drawn. Only Brian Bolland draws clothes like that. A quick scouring of the image uncovered this in the bottom-right corner:

I looked over last week’s cover and sure enough, it was also a Bolland. Guess I’m just not familiar enough with his robots and dogs.

So even if the whole concept of the Supercover is a little weak, I’m impressed that the editor of the magazine (Tharg, I suppose) was smart enough to choose the best possible artist to draw them. I’m not going to go too in-depth into Bolland here, though – I’ll save my worshiping of the man’s work until he actually starts drawing actual stories in the comic.


The Two Hundred Fifty-Seventh Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

I just had to go back to the shrunken head story. Because obviously.


So, who is Greg?

In my popular Criminal Minds reviews, I often refer to one of the lead characters as 'Greg'. I do this as a way of testing the age of the people who read the reviews.

Now, some years later, I've elected to put the answer to that question in an easy-to-find location. Just below this line of text.

You're welcome?


Game of Thrones Avoidance - Week Seven!

We're almost out, folks! Just one more episode left, and I'm clear of Winds of Winter spoilers for (hopefully) another ten months!

Here's a video report on the aftermath of episode nine!

See you next week for finale fallout!


The Game of Thrones Spoiler Avoidance Project! Week 6!

Another week, another video! This one's a little weird, since everyone stopped talking about Game of Thrones. A complete dearth of information on the internet I normally browse. Strange. So I wind up rambling on about something else entirely! Check out the video to discover the thrilling topic!

Didn't see that coming, did you?


Programme 52 (18-February-78)


So we’re not done with the story covers yet, huh? Guess I can accept that. But the sooner we get a ‘Fangs off, Creep’ cover, the happier I’ll be.

Programme 51 (11-February-78)


Way to cheat that cliffhanger, Dan! Not only did you have time to turn on your lightsaber, you had time to move it up the path of the star before it could close a six inch gap! Which was a two inch gap when we broke last issue!


The Two Hundred Fifty-Sixth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

I feel like Dollman is narrowing his definition for 'supernatural powers' so far that it's essentially meaningless. This is a villain who could hypnotize people into killing themselves - what would he have to have done in order to qualify as supernatural? Summon a literal demon to kill people?


The Two Hundred Fifty-Fifth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

This is the most intensely disturbing body-horror I've seen in a while, and it's in the middle of a LAdy Luck Comic. Did David Cronenberg read this as a child?


This Week in Avoiding Winds of Winter Spoilers! Week 5!

Over the past week Game of Thrones spoilers have died down a little, much to my relief! Even with what little I've heard, I'm not too worried about having Winds of Winter spoiled any more - I explain why in this week's video!

Just three episodes left - can I survive the giant spoilers sure to come as the season wraps up? Are there twists and turns that will legit ruin things? Stay turned to find out!


The Two Hundred Fifty-Fourth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

'The World Domination Document'. Can we all just take a moment to revel in that? Just a quiet second to appreciate such an incredible concept?


The Two Hundred Fifty-Third Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Gosh, how much more interesting would The Shawshank Redemption have been if the tunnel had led into a Nazi officer's private quarters?


Game of Thrones Avoidance - Week 4

It was another rough week, as the public couldn't stop talking about a major character death! In this video, I address what that particular plot turn might mean for book-only fans!

See you back here next week, when, with any luck, I'll have heard that Ramsay Bolton is dead! Just kidding, that obviously can't happen until next year.

Oh, damn it, I just realized that the Hound is definitely coming back. Damn Ian McShane. Well, save that for the next video!


The Two Hundred Fifty-Second Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Wow, is this a fantastic throw-away villain.


Game of Thrones Avoidance! Week 3!

Another week, another rundown of things I've overheard or read in the past week of trying to avoid Winds of Winter spoilers!

This week features a bunch of spoilers, but as far as I can tell, very few of them have anything to do with WoW! So that's promising, right?