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The Following Presents: How not to catch a serial killer!

In the 3rd episode of 'The Following' the FBI is on the hunt for a crazed killer who loves wearing a Poe mask. Their only lead is his abused wife, who is living in fear of him. Luckily, the FBI has a plan for dealing with the situation - return the wife to the home she shared with said serial killer!

Interestingly, the cops had tried this plan once in each of the first two episodes - allowing the target of a serial killer to remain in their home - and in each case the serial killer got into the house and attacked the victim. I suppose they hoped that the third time would be the charm?

Now, it's important to remember that since the woman's life is in danger, there's no possible reason to bring her to her own home unless she's serving as bait for the serial killer. So let's look at the FBI agents' plan.

A - One agent stays in the house with the wife.
B - Two agents sit in a car, chatting.