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Harper's Island: Week 6 Recap

A surprisingly uneventful week here on the island, despite it being the first time in the show that everyone knows there’s a crazed killer running around.

We pick up exactly where we left off last time, with everyone freaking out about Thomas getting killed by the head spade. Richard covers the head with his jacket, and the the sheriff comes in. He sends everyone back to the inn in a group, and then Abby gets another mysterious phone call with the scratchy record of Ave Maria playing. Here’s the shot where her phone starts ringing:

So none of these characters – Henry, Trish, Richard, Katherine, Maggie, old lady we’ve never seen before, Beth, and the remaining Frats, could possibly be the one making the crank calls. And since, until we find out different, we’re assuming the killer is making the calls, it can’t be one of them. I won’t count this as official alibi evidence, but damn, is it close.


The Third-Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Continuing my look at just why comics were more entertaining in the Golden Age, here's a panel from Captain Marvel Adventures Issue 145.

I'm going to review this entire story at some point soon, so I won't give the context right now.

Really, couldn't the context only water down the wonderfulness of it?


This Week in Genre Movies! (this week being around May 22nd)

Star Trek

Just came back from seeing Star Trek on the big screen, and I’ve got to say, as the DiveMistress predicted in our most recent Avod, I was pleasantly surprised. Clearly written by Star Trek nerds, the references to previous movies and episodes were almost groan-inducing at times, but it moved quickly, everyone was perfectly cast for their parts, and the script showed a great understanding of all the characters. Totally worth seeing, and I’ll be happy to watch the next one in 2011.

That being said, there were some problems – one from the perspective of a ridiculously dedicated Trekkie, some normal plot complaints, and, of course, one really huge thing that was just funny as hell.


The second-greatest panel in the history of comic books.

Sometimes there's a panel so good that it satisfies the audience completely, and leaves them uninterested in reading the rest of the story. Such a panel is today's entry in the list of the greatest comic book panels of all time.

I've often stated my love of Golden/Silver Age comic book writing, specifically that they never have a character say something that doesn't end with an exclamation point or a question mark. Of course, with exclamation points in every sentence, it's all too rare to see a situation that actually deserves them, like this one.

Ah, to live in an age where people could announce that an Axe Murderer was on the loose non-ironically.


Harper's Island: Week 5 Recap

Finally we reach the end of Harper’s Island taking its sweet time to get to the point. Not only does this week’s episode not cover the events of an entire day, but by the end of it, everyone knows that there’s a crazed killer stalking the island, bumping people off, one by one. Things are going to amp up over the next eight episodes! Assuming we ever get to see it, of course. More on that later.

The morning after Richard fake-tried to kill her so that he could race to her rescue, Trish is still upset about the whole incident. Quite justifiably, actually. Henry volunteers to take care of the wedding planning for the day, and sends Trish off for a day with her father.


CSI Friday: Episode 724 - Ron's Back Again!

The episode opens at a party, only this time, unlike most of the party openings, it’s not just random shots to set the scene, the scene is actually set there. That’s a nice change. A moronic criminal is walking around the party, bragging to literally everyone there about two people that he murdered and robbed as part of a ‘score’. It turns out that this criminal is the guy Ron has been staying with since he returned from the boat explosion. Ron warns the dumb criminal not to keep confessing to a double murder in public, but the idiot can’t be stopped.

The next scene is set a few hours later as Ron is throwing the last few stragglers out of the house because the party’s over. Any Kim Coates screen time is great, and seeing his villain character cleaning up after a party is oddly compelling. One of those things you never really think about is the way that, after a drug kingpin’s raucous all-night party there’s always going to be a few drunk stragglers who have to be reminded to leave. Way to go, CSI:Miami for giving us this window into the off-duty lives of over-the-top villains.


Seriously, Credit Ads? What the hell?

Last time I took a look at an internet banner ad suggesting that I get my credit rating, I overlooked something pretty major. I was so distracted by the moods of the various dinosaurs being depicted that it didn't even occur to me that the background colours being used might have some relevance. Luckily the very same credit check agency people have put out a new series of ads that focus entirely on those colours, giving me a second chance to look at just how bizarre and confusing these ads are.

A word of warning first. These are just images, not real ads. Do not click on them. Also, if you see the real ad versions, don't click on those either. You're just rewarding poor design.


The Poker Club says: Panic in the Face of Adversity!

Is it really too much to ask, in movies where people accidentally kill someone, then freak out and decide to get rid of the body, that they have done something in the slightest bit questionable that keeps them from going to the cops?

This movie revolves around four relatively successful businessmen who get together once a week for poker games. Since their names aren’t important, I’ll refer to them as Nervous, Jock, Druggy, and Main Character, who, in being the main character, gets more than one personality trait. One night they’re out in a shed, playing their poker, when one of them sees a mysterious figure lurking around the main character’s house.

The men rush in and discover that a crazed Russian is lurking in his kitchen with a knife. Through the time-honored tradition of the ‘gang-up’, the men manage to subdue the attacker in the basement and then tie his hands. This doesn’t stop the Russian, though, who struggles to his feet and runs straight at Nervous, who happens to be holding a baseball bat in his hands. Exactly what you think happens happens, and now the four guys are left with a dead body on their hands.


Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Justin Timberlake Edition

Very light on the objectionable content front this week, with a largely clean show from perennial guest Timberlake.

In a sketch about Justin Timberlake’s great great grandfather imagining his grandson’s life. He refers to his grandson growing so bored with having sex with beautiful women that he’ll do a bunch of ‘gay stuff’. Of course, since the whole sketch was parodying the ridiculousness of Timberlake’s image, that’s not really born so much out of homophobia as the craziness of celebrity life. When making a joke about the legalization of gay marriage in Maine, he made a reference about ‘ass-less waders’ going on sale. Then there was a joke about child molesters hanging out around a Harry Potter exhibit at the museum of science and industry.


I Hate Indiana Jones: Day 61

Indiana Jones and the Hole-y Plot (Part 3)

There are certain types of plot holes that originate from laziness or lack of attention, plot holes that generate from desperate writers needing to twist and yes sometimes even alter reality itself in order to get all the pieces of their story where they need them to be. Then there are plot holes like today’s mistake, the kind that originate from the filmmakers’ complete lack of imagination. Either an inability to or disinterest in thinking through the ramifications of the situations they've created. This time we're speaking specifically about the time that Indiana Jones was actually in the spaceship of the crystal skeletons.

After Indiana Jones’ long quest to find the valley of the decrepit pyramid (not actually a long quest - look for that in day 72: Indiana Jones and the accidental trailblazer), he finds himself in the treasure room where he offers evidence that he doesn't actually know what an archaeologist is. It's around this time that Indiana Jones discovers concrete proof of what the audience has known for literally two and half hours, namely that suddenly he’s living in a sci-fi adventure movie rather than a mystical one. Where does this prove come from? He opens a big stone door, and behind it is the cockpit of an alien spaceship.


Adventures in Fake Journalism: Harper's Island 104

Another week, and another set of fake newspapers! Somebody up there likes me!

The first newspaper is a little blurred, so I’ll just type out the legible parts.


Saturday Semptember 23 , 2006



Last night’s town hall meeting played host to the Island’s most heated debate since Wendell’s Pharmacy started filling orders for Medical Marijuana. At the heart of the (unclear) is the ‘Tree of Woe’, the tree that stands alone on the (unclear) bluff, and was the (unclear) where Wakefield hanged three of his victims.


Harper's Island: Week 4 Recap

This is it folks. I prayed the day wouldn’t come, but many predicted that it was inevitable. It seems that they were right and I was wrong. So here we are. Episode four.

The week that Harper’s Island got inexplicably, inexcusably, and perhaps irredeemably stupid.

Oh, and since the episode doesn’t air until tonight in the States (Global didn’t move it the way CBS did), so don’t read this until tomorrow if you don’t want spoilers.


Quick Wolverine Reactions

I'm not sure Wolverine is a film with enough content to justify the kind of blow-by-blow analysis I like to give awful movies, so I'll keep this a little briefer than normal.

The Good - Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber each do really well in their parts, and have great screen chemistry as both friends and enemies. Which makes the fact that they rarely spend any time onscreen together kind of annoying. Also, seeing it in Canada meant that there was a great reaction every time Wolverine reminded someone where he was from.

The Bad - Everything else.