Handicapping the Red John list

So the fifth-season ender of The Mentalist has come and gone, and my hopes are yet to be dashed! There was no revelation about Red John's identity, but we were presented with a short list, and my guy's name was on it.

So now, like all armchair TV detectives, I think it's time to start wildly guessing at who Red John might wind up being. Here's the list we're given, along with my capsule comments.

Bret Stiles - Nope.
Gale Betram - Probably not.
Ray Haffner - Absolutely possible.
Reede Smith - Who?
Bob Kirkland - Red Herring.
Sheriff Thomas McAllister - Huh?
Brett Partridge - My pick, for reasons I've already outlined.


The Hundred and Fifty-Third Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Is this a real technology? A metal strip-based linear music box? I must find one!


The Hundred and Fifty-Second Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Calling out hits over orchid-farming techniques. That is hardcore.


The Hundred and Fiftieth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Even more anticlimactic! Amazing! Seriously, though, what kind of a world are we living in where a supervillain can't even be bothered to train his killer apes?


The Hundred and Forty-Ninth Greatest Panel in the History of Comics

Since the last two-part Greatest Panels went so well, I thought it was time for another! Synchronistically, it's also about beasts that someone keeps behind a metal door! Will these guys prove more effective than the Komodo Dragon?