On the Subject of Impaired Avods...

Tried something very strange today - recorded an Avod despite still being quite ill. I think it went over fairly well, although, and this is the unusual part, I've already forgotten almost everything I said in the show, despite wrapping it just under two hours ago.

I suppose there's an upside to finally having an Avod that I can listen to 'fresh', but I'm more troubled than anything else by what horrible things I may have said in my state of diminished faculty. Well, it's not like the Divemistress stopped the show due to offensiveness or anything...

Tell you what, right-click to download here, and judge for yourself! I apologize in advance for my 'sick guy' voice. That literally could not be helped.

Fun Fact about this Week's Episode: The Zatoichi series that was mentioned this week featured both 26 films and a television series that ran more than one hundred episodes!

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