Platoon of the Dead isn't a comedy

Despite what's going to appear below:

That's the crawl which opens the film. Seeing that, one might well expect the content of the film to be relatively serious; to, for lack of a better term, 'mean' what happens.

And then the actual film starts. We're presented with a soldier wandering through the woods, having survived an ambush. He comes across an injured man, and immediately checks the man's pulse:

Despite the fact that the man's injuries consist of having been impaled on a branch:

The soldier then attempts to call for help, while his body language suggests that he's, you know, just hangin'-

And his radio proves to be a slightly outdated cell phone, held upside down.

That's nothing compared to his gun, however-

Which proves to have incredibly visible holes where the screws connect the two pieces of plastic.

It's strange, because were the rest of the film to be a broad comedy, all of this would work as a perfect setup. It's not, however.

More's the pity.

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