Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Jesse Eisenberg Edition

Another week of clean-yet-tedious entertainments here at SNL!

With Jesse Eisenberg hosting the lion's share of the sketches were given over to the depiction of nervous, self-conscious dorks humiliating themselves. Were I some kind of a cruel wag I might note that, of late, the guest hosts haven't been given much to do in the show, possibly because te writers can't relate to the Jeff Bridges and Robert DeNiros of the world, or imagine how they could possibly be involved in a comedic situation. Give them a gangly, pasty, awkward twenty-something however, and the floodgates open! Maybe the only sketch to not revolve around Eisenberg was a likeably silly take on 70s Blaxploitation cinema that featured the "Bride of Blackenstein". There wasn't really a joke beyond her having a large ass and being bossy, but the fact that the musical guest (who portrayed the titular bride) wore the wig in her second musical number raised the bar for the entire show.

Oh, and despite the appearance of John Waters, the digital music video was a damp squid - not catchy, not especially funny, not cameo-packed. Just a mess all around.

Now for the numbers!

Homophobia - 1 (A sketch about drugs for pre-op transsexuals had a single joke: Isn't it gross that men want to turn into women!?)

Rape - 0!

Good work, SNL! If I thought you'd respond to positive reinforcement, I'd send you a cookie bouquet to reward you for your lack of rape-themed humour!

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