Can we talk about Christ?

Jason Christ, that is. I bring him up because, while attempting to remember the name of a movie I was trying to buy so that I could review it here at the Castle (Harvest of Fear! Look for it soon!), I stumbled onto the similarly-titled 'Savage Harvest 2'. To begin approaching the point, I'll just suggest you tab open that link and glance around the page a little - it's one of those small-budget pages on IMDB where the writer/director/producer submits a synopsis as well as an array of trivia factoids.

How can I be so certain that Jason wrote all this himself? Well, first off, the fact that low-budget horror filmmaker Jason Christ wrote and directed a movie about 'Tyge Murdock, a successful director of low-budget horror films' suggests a certain level of narcissism that would easily lead one to fill out their own imdb page while hiding behind anonymity. Not that I feel comfortable diagnosing someone's mental problems based on a single webpage (despite all appearances to the contrary).

The reason I bring this up is to ask why people feel the need to hide behind anonymity when filling these things out? Do they worry that we'll take a synopsis less seriously if we knew the filmmakers were responsible for it? If anything, I feel like that would make it more helpful and authoritative - it's not like anyone considers the synopsis to be a review. Why try to hide it when the trivia section makes it abundantly clear that the imdb page was written by "someone" with intimate knowledge of the production, along with an fixation on minutiae that no one but the director and editor cares about - such as scene numbers.

Really, I guess I'd just like Jason Christ to come forward and take credit for Savage Harvest 2's imdb page. You made a movie, you're proud of it, you're promoting it - there's nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you're not responsible for the sole (super-positive) user review at the bottom of the page. Which, of course, he isn't.

Oh, and for the record, Jason Christ looks EXACTLY like you think he does:

And a quick trip to his own imdb page reveals that in addition to writing/directing Savage Harvest 2, Christ also produced Deadwood Park, one of the most confusingly-structured movies I've ever seen! (note that in the review linked there, I misremembered the title - just in case you'd mistaken me for an authority or anything...)

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