Why can't I get through The Strangers?

So, hoping to avoid losing what little cred I have as a person who watches terrible movies, I tried to finish watching The Strangers tonight, and once again I failed.

Last time I made it through a full half of the movie before turning it off in disgust. This time? Three minutes.

That's right, three minutes after a guy gets himself shot in the head because of stupidity beyond all measure, enough even stupider things happen that I was forced to turn off the movie by all the good judgment my conscience is still able to muster.

So, to recap, James had just shot David in the head with a shotgun, assuming that he was one of the 'Strangers' that had been menacing them, because David was too stupid to yell for his friends while searching for them in a destroyed house.

What do James and Kristen do then? They leave the closet. That's right, despite the fact that they're in a completely defensible room with only one entrance and sitll have plenty of shotgun ammunition, they leave the closet.

Sure, it's sad that their friend his dead, but really, how did his death change their situation at all? They've still got would-be murderers out there trying to kill them, and their ranged weapon and three-wall room mean that they maintain a huge advantage.

If anything, David getting himself killed through rank stupidity proved just what a good scheme lying in wait had been. There's only two possible reasons to leave that closet - 1: The house is on fire. 2: A gas bomb has been thrown into the hallway just outside the closet. (Knockout or poison gas only. If it's tear gas, just suck it up and keep the gun aimed at the doorway, princess)

There's a single way leaving the closet after David's death would be a good plan - since the driveway is just one car wide, James and Kristen's car is trapped in the driveway because the 'Strangers'' truck is blocking them in. David arrived recently though, so his car is at the end of the driveway, and his keys are presumably on his person.

The only sane choice of action here is to grab David's keys, run out to his car and drive away, shooting anything that moves even a slight amount. Of course, there's a good chance that David's car had been sabotaged in some way, so if I were in that situation, I'd stay barricaded with the shotgun.

Naturally, because the characters in this film are so stupid I've decided that the biggest threat to them is not the 'Strangers', but rather the possibility that they'll forget to breathe, they don't do either of these two things. Instead, James heads out to the barn in the hopes that he'll be able to find 'an old radio' out there which he can use to call for help. Kristen, he announces, is to stay inside and hide.

The plan, if I may reiterate for those who can't believe a film could possibly be this insulting to the intelligence of its viewers, is that the two of them split up so that instead of being able to watch each others' backs and fight as a team in the case of attack by the 'Strangers', they should go their separate ways, leaving only one of them with a useful weapon, and the other huddling in a corner just waiting to be murdered.

I wonder how this plan will turn out?

Oh, wait, the opening of the movie already G-D told me.

Hence my desire to, after less than five more minutes of watching, to turn the terrible film off for a third time.

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