Batman's Not-Very-Secret Identity

Batman's been around for a few decades now so, despite the fact that he was semi-rebooted back in the 80s, he's got a long enough history that more than a few people have either figured out, or just been told his secret identity. If 2003's "Batman: Family (issue 7)" can be believed, he's just getting lazy.

The setup: After WayneCo CEO Lucius Fox suffers a stroke, Bruce Wayne is convinced to put a mysterious old woman in charge of his multi-billion dollar empire, based solely on the fact that she used to be an acquaintance of Bruce's mother. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that she's the head of a 'family' of criminals out to steal all of his money. In the following scene, Batman has locked one of the 'family' members in a glass cage which, while escape-proof, is by no means soundproof:

The person interrupting is Oracle, who has some new information about the head of this criminal "Family". As you read the next panels keep in mind that as Batman replies to Oracle, he's standing right next to an in-no-way-soundproofed glass box with a criminal inside.

That's right. Just a few feet away from a criminal, Batman just announced that the criminal's boss had been "Feeding me her version of her relationship with my mother." Now, unless Celia is pulling the exact same 'use filial sentimentality to worm her way into a giant corporation' on a number of different billionaires simultaneously, it would seem that he's just revealed his identity to this criminal. Now, even if this criminal went straight to jail without talking to his boss, Batman's stubborn refusal to kill criminals has just left an incredibly untrustworthy person out there with knowledge of his secret identity. Just like that whole Riddler situation.

Luckily for Batman, another "Family" member shows up a few moments later and murders the captive. Even luckier for Batman, he doesn't pause to interrogate the captive about what he found out or gave up first. Uncannilly lucky, that one.

Still, if Batman's going to keep this secret war on crime going, he'll have to be a lot more careful about who he's telling about the whole Bruce Wayne thing. For example, maybe he shouldn't tell his girlfriend after just a month or two of dating, as Grant Morrison recently had him do.

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