Stupid Things About Torchwood: Week 8

You know what? Screw this show. Seriously.

1 - We didn't have to watch last week's episode.

Literally every salient plot point from episode 7 is both described and flashed-back-to. The boyfriend, the torture, the cabal of evil businessmen, everything that happened last week is recapped this week. Is this a show designed for people with head injuries?

2 - Also, you could have skipped the six episodes before that one.

I'm sure if you're reading this site you've heard of 'show, don't tell', so I don't have to go into the rule, let's just address the obscene violation of the principle on display this week.

After seven weeks of literally nothing of import happening, Lieutenant Kira shows up and explains the entire plot to the main cast. Why aren't they just distributing scripts to the audience at this point?

3 - Remember how nothing makes sense on this show? Yup, that's still happening.

- If Rex was planning on luring the CIA into a trap, why didn't he mention it to anyone?
- Did Jack seriously just carelessly murder his 105-year-old boyfriend?
- Could you not cry for just one episode, Esther?
- Nice to see that CIA prisoners aren't searched at all when put into custody.
- Is Gwen leaving the show? Thank god.
- If you weren't bad guys, why did you kidnap a family when you could have just phoned Jack at any moment and got a better result?
- Why go to the trouble of arresting your names from history if only one person knows them? Why not just kill that one person?
- What was Rex's plan again? Hope that nonsense just kind of worked out for him?
- Well-paid prostitutes apparently make a habit out of taunting and insulting their 'johns', and are offended by the offer of a free dinner and some pleasant conversation.
- It seems that CIA field agents are really easy to surprise, and don't find it at all suspicious when mysterious, threatening-looking men in suits appear to talk
- Conversely, those self-same mysterious men think it's a good idea to murder CIA field agents, rather than simply leaving, even though killing the agent will just bring MORE attention to them.
- Seriously, Esther, stop crying.
- Not only is there a 'list' you can be put on to ask the government to murder you, but women who've been put in asylums because they've become a danger to themselves and their children are completely able to put both themselves and their children (the ones who've been taken into state custody to protect them from their mothers) on that 'list'. While in a mental institution and without free access to the outside world.
- Christ, there's not a single thing about this show that isn't terrible. It isn't even worth collecting art for.

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