How to Ruin Your Own Movie: Dead Space: Downfall Edition

It's already a prequel. More than half of the audience going to the movie are going to know full well that it's about monsters making zombies on a space ship. Despite this, the filmmakers felt it was a good idea to open the movie with this:

A character announcing that the slaughter has already taken place, and that she's the only survivor. The very next scene involves a rip-off of Alien, as mining surveyors walk through a warren of chasms-

Until discovering a bizarre monolith.

Which, naturally, turns everyone who comes near to it into a monster.

There are two types of people watching this movie - 1: People who have played the game, and 2: People who haven't.

The first group know what the Marker is and the effects it will have on people, so they don't need its spoiled. The second don't, and are therefore capable of being surprised by the twists and turns of the story. Except the filmmakers make it absolutely clear right off that they have no interest in any of that, and would rather we go into the proceedings knowing as much as possible, completely certain of the redhead's safety and everyone else's expendability, so that there will be no chance of us getting attached to any of them, nor any chance of us fearing for her fate, at least until after she's left that message.

This is like opening The Thing with Macready and Childs sitting around a fire in a destroyed camp, reminiscing about how crazy it was when that alien killed everyone.

It's a sad day when the videogame featured better storytelling than the movie prequel.

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