Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Alec Baldwin Addition

Saturday Night Live was off to a decent start this year, largely avoiding unpleasantness while providing a perfect platform for Alec Baldwin's suburb comic timing and decent impressions.

Other than a nod to Michele Bachmann's extremely closeted husband - which I gave a pass to - the show largely avoided both homophovia and rape-themed humour, despite the fact that during their hiatus gay marriage became legal in New York and Don't Ask Dont' Tell was repealed. Maybe they'll get to all of that next week?

The only questionable sketches were one of their 'audition reels', this time for Top Gun, featuring Harvey Fierstien making a series of inaccurate observations about the script, and a game show about determining who would be the dominant one in a sexual relationship between two random men. This later sketch, which also delved into a rape reference, is interesting, since it's a perfect example of comedy writers trying to get out of actually working by not creating plots, stories, or characters, and instead simply transcribing the conversations they have among themselves while procrastinating. Other examples of this include the Cavemen vs. Astronauts conversation from Angel, and literally everything that Seth Macfarlane has ever produced.

Now, the numbers!

Rape references - 1
Homophobia references - 2

See you back here next week for Melissa McCarthy!

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