Further investigations into chocolate marketing

As some will doubtless recall, over the winter I exposed the Cadbury corporation's disgusting penchant for marketing their chocolate through depictions of snowman Cannibalism. With Easter arriving, and that same corporation looking to amortize the cost of paper sleeves and the machine that slides little chocolate statues into them, it was inevitable that Cadbury was going to introduce another line of chocolates, this one rabbit-themed.

Only one question remained - would these rabbits be engaged in disgusting acts of cannibalism, or simply depicted in repose, representing Easter solely through their bunniness?

Thankfully, the second.

Although, as always, I remain disconcerted by the prospect of a clucking rabbit laying eggs. Thankfully, as these chocolates are neither egg-themed or full of yolk, it's an image that can be cast from the mind the moment the packaging has been discarded.

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