Criminal Minds Season 4 Recap!

Well, that's season 4 in the bag, and I, like everyone else, I'd imagine, am excited to find out how Greg get out of this one! First, though, let's take a look my increasingly-scientific analysis of the season's numbers.

The scores are remaining amazingly consistent from year-to-year, with the final score for this season being 57/250 (26 episodes -1 two-parter), or 23% profiling rating. Down a point from last season, but still marginally in the lead over the execrable season 2.

The season closed out with the absolute high point for profiling. Episode 24, 'Amplification' made the argument that analyzing their subject's grudges and past disappointments could allow them to accurately predict what his next target would be. I still doubt that it would allow them to guess how he'd react when a gun was pointed at him, but let's move on-

To the lowest point of the season! Lots to choose from this year, with a spare of 1/10s, including the season finale, which insulted the audience in any number of ways. The nadir was, of course, episode 4, Paradise, in which Greg literally came face-to-face with the twitchy, overly cheerful Wil Wheaton and found absolutely nothing suspicious about his behaviour, then walked away - needing to be told by Garcia later on that he was the killer. Yup, Greg wasn't even slightly suspicious of the man. That's some bad work, guys.

Special mention must be made of Garcia's contribution to the team, however - if it wasn't already abundantly clear, this is the year that let the audience know, flat out, that it's Garcia's ability to search databases and scour traffic camera footage that solves the vast majority of their cases. She makes a powerful argument for the idea that bothering to travel to the crime scenes is a waste of resources. If one woman sitting at a keyboard is more valuable than the entire profiling team, then what's the point of even having one?

Next week: Season 5, Episode 1!

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