Tips for Low-Budget Filmmakers: 8213 Gacy House

There are things you can do to improve your movie - things that cost no money whatsoever, and markedly make your film less stupid, and show a little respect for the audience watching it. Take, for example, 8213 Gacy House which, according to the opening title cards, is set in Des Plaines, Illinois, on March 6th, 2006.

Yet when we see the world of the film, it looks like this:

Note the manicured lawns, lush trees, blooming flowers, and complete lack of snow. The characters' breath isn't visible, and they all wear weather-inappropriate clothing considering that it's a cold month in a cold state. Heck, an internet search of the weather revealed that Des Plaines' mean temperature on the day the movie takes place was 34 degrees (which is one degree for non-Americans like myself).

Is there anything gained by setting the film on March 6th? Not that I can see - it's not like it was the anniversary of Gacy's death or anything. According to some title cards, that happened on May 10th.

So why not make this tiny change to make the film look less ridiculous? Or is it possible that a simple transpositional error created this problem? What do I mean? Take a look at these two title cards.

So the house was abandoned on 6/3, and the bodies were found on 3/6 - is it possible that the people putting together the title cards simply got the two dates backwards? Or is that a lack of care that even the Asylum couldn't manage?

Then again, I don't know how much I should have been expecting when the absolute first image in the movie had something wrong with it-

This could just be a typo, but I'm fairly sure that Des Plaines' District Attorney's office is not an adjunct of the police department.

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