OMG it Was Totally the Same House!

Frequent visitors to the site may well remember that in my review of Suspect Behavior 111: Strays, I mentioned a suspicion that the house used as the killer's hideout reminded me of the boarding house that Michael Jai White rented a room at in the film Blood and Bone - well, guess what?

Oh, that's right, I already spoiled it in the title of this post. I've got to work on timing, clearly.

Anyhoo, here's the photo evidence!

The house in Strays - note the stone around the walk, the pillars, and the yellow house next door.

There's the house in Blood and Bone - neat, right?

I found the most definite visual evidence when looking at it from an angle while the characters were rushing the house.

That's right, I consider the detail work on the house next door to be the most important evidence of all.

They even used the actual interior of the house (or the same set as in the movie - although what are the odds of that?)!

Is this entire post simply an excuse to congratulate myself on my powers of observation in cases where it doesn't matter at all? Absolutely. Still think it's neat, though.

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