What's Going on with Video Box Art?

Browsing through the old Netflix instantwatch library I came across something strange - the new poster for the film 'Prince of Darkness'. Now, I'll admit that the old poster was never especially clear-

There's some fluid, the screaming face and bug in the mouth, and maybe that's supposed to be the church in the background, although what with it being a weird door in the skyline rather than a in the middle of Los Angeles, that seems like a stretch.

It's nothing compared to the new one, however.

What is that guy supposed to be, exactly? Is he the Prince of Darkness? Is it Alice Cooper in his brief cameo? One of the random homeless people? Tom Cruise's monster face from Minority Report? Popular Canadian character actor Julian Richings?

And that's not even addressing the bizarre choice to cut the first half of the tagline. What on earth could explain the decision to replace a completely effective poster with a generic, incomprehensible one?

And if that seems bizarre, just wait until you get a look at what they've been doing with the Friday the 13th box art...

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