TheAvod Is Taking A Week Off?

Can it possibly be true? Is theAvod going to be absent for a whole week? yes, that's sadly the case, it seems the theDivemistress' insistence on 'going out' and 'doing things' has caused a tiny problem. As did my one attempt at doing a solo Avod.

So what do I have to offer to you instead this week?

Why, a trip back through some Classic Avods you may have missed!

Why there's Episode 5: Blood and Sex Nightmare - Still our most popular episode, for reasons that make me sad for humanity!

Or Episode 44: Perlmanormal Activity - In which an attempt to discuss Ron Perlman transforms into an epic discussion of PA - which I hated!

You know what you might like? Episode 62: One and a Half Films to Die For - Where we discover, then discuss, our favorite movie in years!

Ever wonder why Alan Tudyk is always a tag on on the episodes? Check out Episode 52: I (Heart) Alan Tudyk!

Then, of course, there's Episode 35, where you can get a look at: The Definitive List - The greatest, final, and only list you'll ever need!

Then, once you're caught up on some 'classic' Avod, check back here next week for an entirely new episode! About clouds or something!

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