In Defense of My Theories about Big Tits Zombie

During a recent TheAvod we covered a certain movie whose title suggested it would feature well-endowed zombies. During that discussion I asserted that the movie was intended to be a parody of the Bikini Samurai Squad (or Oneechanbara) franchise. One of my co-hosts that week had no idea what I was talking about, and the other made a quick trip to the internet, and was thereby informed that the film was adapted from a comic book. Humbled, I sulked away and turned to vicious sniping to salve my wounded pride.

Now, weeks later, my ego has recovered sufficiently to allow me to plead my case that I was, if not correct, at least reasonable in my assumption about the film's pedigree. An inability to read Japanese, and the paucity of information about possible links in English on the internet has forced me to resort to largely visual evidence in order to prove my case. My rationale follows.

The Oneechanbara series of videogames consists of a handful of titles for the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360, which by and large haven't been released in North America. I personally have only played the American 360 title, 'Bikini Samurai Squad', which was far harder than a game about sword-wielding bikini girls fighting zombies really ought to be. As such, I don't believe I ever completed the game - although I do remember a scene in which I did battle with a zombified Orca, which attacked primarily by beaching itself in my direction.

It's that kind of game. And by 'that kind', obviously I mean 'wonderful'.

Anyhoo, here are two characters from the game, whose names I'm not aware of.

So we'll just go by 'cowgirl' and 'biker girl'. Now let's take a look at two stills from the 2008 film adaptation of the games.

Biker Girl


Finally, let's check out the main characters from Big Tits Dragon - the original, far more appropriate title, considering both that Dragon is a common description for a fierce fighter, and that the film offers a paucity of zombies with Big Tits.

Biker Girl


Hopefully this will be all the evidence I need to convince you of the connection between the franchises. Obviously I'd like to be able to prove conclusively that the Big Tits Dragon manga was a parody of the Oneechanbara franchise, but even without that fact backing me up, I'd like to point out how fundamentally Big Tits Dragon feels like a parody of the Bikini Samurai Squad series.

Oneechanbara featured (as far as I can remember) a needlessly ornate plot about genetic engineering, black magic, and the fate of humanity, while Big Tits Dragon doesn't really have a plot until halfway through, when a topless catfight accidentally leads to the discovery of the Necronomicon, reading from which summons an army of the dead.

You know what? I just realized that I'm debating with myself at this point, so I'm calling it. The movie's a parody, CV out!

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