TheAvod Episode 109: Uncle Gunnysack

We've got another theAvod this week, technological limitations be damned! Seriously though, this week we've got a terribly weird-sounding episode, due largely to a certain participant's dysfunctional computer. I'm not naming names here, but let's just say it was the person who isn't able to type an update on recording day and leave it at that.

Wow, I'm a jerk sometimes.

Anyhoo, if you'd like to hear about my continuing problems with Robert Knepper (really, a single character he portrays), the Divemitsress' experiences with John Waters, and finally the two of us agreeing that Wes Craven has largely been underrated (by us, at least) as a filmmaker, just right click here and download the new episode of theAvod!

All that being said, Red Eye was still awful.

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