TheAvod Episode 108: The Bruges Tourism Board

That's right, cats and kittens, it's time for another theAvod - this week there's surprisingly little disagreement between the Divemistress and myself. This possibly owes to the fact that we've selected such startlingly dire movies to review.

If you're interested in discovering what they might be, just right click here to download the episode. Either that, or you could just look at the next paragraph, where I'm going to offer a quick explanation for how they were decided on!

The Divemistress, you see, she mentioned a movie called 'Don't Look Up', and gave me a broad outline of the premise. I responded that I swore I'd heard of a movie with the exact same premise called 'Skeleton Crew' - we compared notes, and found that, beyond a superficial similarity in premise the films really didn't have much in common - other than serving as a great jumping-off point for fascinating discussion!

Unable to find a third film with the exact same premise, DM and myself elected to watch the Last Horror Movie. Which proved a poor decision for all involved.

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