The World's Most Mixed Metaphor

I know I like to avoid giving any real context with these images, but there’s one thing you have to know before looking at this one:

The Crime Smasher! (that's what Spy Smasher did after the war ended. He smashed crime) is chasing a criminal named Spider. Take it away, panel!

They didn’t just mix that metaphor. They threw it in a blender and turned it on ‘grind’ for five minutes straight.


Bo said...

I think when you're a man of action like Crime Smasher, little things like a properly structured metaphor take a backseat to thwarting villainy. Still, maybe he should just shut up if that's the best he can do... not much for a cool, dry wit.

Dean said...

I wonder if, when that writer mulls his impotence, he gets a hard on.