Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Ryan Reynolds edition

God-damn it, SNL! You got a full hour into the second week of the show without resorting to a rape joke, then boom, in a sketch called ‘So you’ve committed a crime and think you can dance’, the first contestant is a sex offender who spends the routine eyeing his partner.

Oh well, there’s always next week.

In a refreshing change, though, there was no sign of any homophobia jokes this time around. The closest they came was a joke about how all magicians were happy that gay marriage was now legal in Nevada, which is more of a Sigfried and Roy joke than an overall dig at gays. So I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Rape - 1
Homophobia – 0

In addition to the questionable humor, this episode featured one of the worst impressions I’ve ever had the displeasure of viewing. Here is Sudaekis doing an impression of Richard Dawson, longtime host of Family Feud:

Yeah. That’s… I’m not sure what that was supposed to be. It’s not hard to find out what Dawson looks and sounds like. Just watch the Running Man. In fact, I’ve got a copy right here…

You know, if you can’t do an impression, just work around it. Announce that this week Richard Dawson was on vacation, and Paul Lynde is hosting the show. I’m pretty sure anyone can do a Paul Lynde impression.

Other thing learned on last night’s SNL: ‘Lady Gaga’ is not good at ‘music’.

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