It’s Official – Credit Score Ads Have No Idea What They’re Doing

Let’s take another trip through the variety of Credit Report ads that show up while I broswe the internet.

Here’s an especially baffling ad I happened across recently:

That’s all six ‘unique’ frames of the animated ad, which I’m presenting here in its non-animated form because I find animated ads obnoxious, and because if I did, I’d basically be putting the ad here for free, which is just crazy.

If you’re looking closely (but really, why would you?) you’ll notice that each frame, instead of using a different face to express one of the conditions of having a certain credit score, just shows the same one for each level, changing completely with every frame.

Look, we get that you work in an arm of the finance industry that ranks between pawn-shop owner and loan shark in the realm of respectability, but don’t you care in the least about how your brand looks?

You know how long that took? Two minutes. The longest portion of that was deciding which faces should be ordered in which way. If you wanted it animated you could double the size of each face for one of the frames, emphasizing that expression.

I’d mock one up myself, but I’m done caring.

(Yeah, when I made that second image there was a reason I free-mouse drew numbers beside each, but now I’m not sure why I did.)

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