Okay, Now Credit Ads Have Just Gone Crazy

When we last left credit ads they’d finally gotten their act together. They offered us a clear list of the various credit score rankings, using both a well-designed gradient chart and simple colours.

All they had to do was keep using that ad, and everyone would have been happy. Most of the public would have ignored it, and gullible saps would have been exploited.

Everybody wins.

They couldn’t manage that, though. No, instead they decided to just go all kinds of insane.

The ad cycles quickly through over a dozen frames. The first ten are relatively normal, switching between the header’s colour and varieties of smiling faces.

(you can click to bigify, although really, why would you want to?)

It seems relatively competent, right? Sure, the colours are meaningless and the varieties of faces aren’t associated with anything, but at least it makes basic sense.

Then, over the last four frames, the ladybugs attack.

Yup. In half a second insects swarm all over the ad. The colours don’t change, the faces remain static, and ladybugs cover most of the relevant information.

Do the bugs represent something? Are they excited about the credit score offer? What’s the average credit score of a ladybug, anyhow?

I’ve got to say, I’m almost tempted to visit creditresults.org to look for answers. Except there’s no way that there’s any information to be found there.

Because whoever’s in charge has long since passed the point where they can operate in the world of sane people.

Or, wait, I may not have this right, is random madness a quality that people look for in their financial services?

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