Saturday Night Live Rapewatch: Taylor Lautner Edition

Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Taylor Lautner Edition

Yeah, the rape jokes are back. It’s like SNL doesn’t want me to stop writing this frigging thing.

Taylor Lautner was a bland, enthusiastic host, eager to show off his acrobatic abilities, as well as his facility for reading aloud. Less capable of doing so was the rest of the cast, two members who had to pause and redo two line in a late-show Twilight-themed sketch after accidentally reading the wrong line off of a teleprompter.

But we’re not here to talk about the modern cast’s inability to perform to an even subterranean expectation of competence, we’re here to look at the objectionable content they choose to foist on the public.

So let’s do that!

The show only drifted into the rape zone once this week, with Smuggy Smuggerson making a joke about the world’s oldest sex offender during Weekend Update. The punchline? That a 100-year-old man raped a 63-year-old ‘boy’! Hilarious.

Naturally that also counts as a homophobia-based joke, because Smuggy assumes that the idea of a male raping a male imbues the ‘joke’ with an additional layer of uncomfortable titters, what with homosexuality being ‘wrong’ and all.

This was also the only joke appearing in a high-school talent show themed sketch, in which a foreign exchange student constantly used a more classical definition of the word ‘gay’, leading to dozens of potential titters.

The final joke tally of the night-

Rape – 1
Homophobia – 2

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Bedazzled Crone said...

I have to admit that I never watch SNL anymore but I love these rape watches