Cloverfield 2 – Revenge of Bat-Nor!

I was having a conversation about Godzilla last week and it turned, as many such conversations have since the release of Cloverfield, to the questionableness of Cloverfield.

My main argument, in addition to the whole ‘spoiling suspense’ thing, was that they made me wait the entire movie to get a look at the monster, and then when it finally arrived, I was disappointed to discover that it was just a wingless bat with a tail.

“What is a bat doing underwater?” I was heard to exclaim. “Can bats even swim?”

Then, rather puzzlingly, my conversational partner claimed that Batnor, the Cloverfield monster, was not a bat at all, but rather an original creation.

As I often do, I elected to take our argument to the Internet!

Come to think of it, I really should have bet money on this, shouldn’t I have?

God, I suck at art.

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