Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Anna Faris Edition

Another largely clean night of SNL, and a funnier one than usual at that - did having Anna Faris as the host somehow loosen them up? Is she less worried about her image than most celebrities?

Anyhoo, let's talk about the sketches. In addition to the standard political sketches, including both a jab at a largely unattacked (in network comedy, anyhow) target - western kids who mistake Anime for the sum totality of Japanese culture, and a fresh take on a a well-covered subject, hyper-melodramatic Lifetime movies. Both sketches got huge laughs from the audience and actual chuckles from me, which has become something of a rarity. So great work, SNL!

The only bits of objectionable content were in a Mexican talk show sketch that went homophobic to no great effect right at the end, and the Lifetime sketch, which brought up child molestation, and then, in order to make it more shocking, they made both the victim and abuser male, to add that hilarious frisson of taboo to the joke.

So, the totals:

Homophobia: 2
Rape: 1

I don't like to see any positive totals, but at least they're shrinking!

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