Do you know what that word means, Dexter?

It occurs to me that despite the fact that Dexter is a largely terrible show I haven't extensively covered it here on the site. Yes, I'm already covering enough things at once, so I'm not going to add it to the cue. That being said, something so profoundly stupid was said in a recent episode that I couldn't let it slip by.

Same "signature"? Except the 'signature' on the first victim was the Alpha/Omega sign sewn into his chest and the snakes hidden within. The 'signature' this time is a disassembled corpse. They really couldn't be less similar.

Now if you'd told me that the exact same kind of thread was used in both cases, and (forensic nonsense) had perfectly matched the fibers to the same roll, then at least you'd have some basis for this. As it is, I'm just wondering what a blood spatter analyst/CSI is doing playing around with a corpse without an ME present.

Have you even heard of the chain of custody, Dexter?

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