Something I Only Noticed Just Now on The Simpsons

During the 'Lisa Becomes a Vegetarian' episode, there's a sequence where she fantasizes about being surrounded by meat eaters. The first two images are actually from the episode-

Chief Wiggum eating a burger-

Homer and Bart fighting over a pork chop. Things then move into the realm of fantasy, with her imagining Marge chopping away gleefully with a cleaver-

And Kent Brockman pausing during a news report to feast on a drumstick.

It's this last fantasy segment that I'm suddenly fascinated by. Why? Because, after seeing this episode literally dozens of times, I've only just recently noticed what he's saying when the report is interrupted by snacking.

“-your windows” (CHOMP) “The next-”

If that seems oddly familiar, it's because the random broadcast that appears inside Lisa's head is from the next episode, when Kent Brockman offers a wrapup on the whole 'giant monsters attacking' thing.

“Lock your doors, bar your windows, because the next advertisement you see could destroy your house and eat your family!”

So, what's stranger - the fact that Lisa's fantasy involved a news broadcast from a fantasy that hadn't happened yet - or the fact that when they edited the line into this episode rather than recording a new one, they put the 'CHOMP' over the word 'because', rather than having him pause and then continue speaking.


Gamer-man said...

Idk, the fact that they didn't commision a new clip isn't that suprising, they prolly pay the actor by the word

Luke said...

What's even stranger is that Lisa fantasizes about Kent Brockman saying something from a NON-CANON episode! So is Lisa really putting words in Kent's mouth when she fantasizes about him snacking? Or is this just a mistake on the editor's part?