I just realized something else about Criminal Minds 508

Sure, I could go back and edit the actual article, but how honest would that be?

Anyhoo, the point is, even in a show where we're expected to believe that every single serial killer is a spree killer, this episode stretches the plausibility of that conceit to the breaking point. Why? Well, like the killer in Red Dragon, upon which the plot of this episode was based, this week's murderer did a lot of research on her victims before committing the crime.

She seeked out families living in her city who were demographically similar to her own, then managed to figure out when the fathers had gone overseas entirely based on the pictures they sent to photobucket, and only once that had happened did she target them for murder.

If you're only killing one family a year, this kind of research is plausible, but are we really expected to believe that she had two other families ready to go for the spree section at the end of the show? The entire profile of her personality was based on her having a psychotic break once a year, driving her to kill a family like her own.

That's all well and good, but it's behaviour that's completely incompatible with her having a whole wide variety of families just waiting to get murdered. But hey, god forbid anything interfere with the formula, right?

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