TheAvod's Screamarama!

That's right, readers, if you've decided to branch out to listening, then you really ought to right-click here!

Why, you may ask? It's because theAvod is finally pulling the trigger on its long-promised Scream-a-Rama! In which The Divemistress, myself, and our two guests, Rob Rector and Don Guarisco, review the first three installments of the increasingly-terrible Scream franchise!

Thrill to a play-by-play of a documentary that only one of the participants saw! Listen as people struggle to remember actors' names! Amaze to discover that one of the participants is humiliated by admitting their love of Scream 2 (spoiler alert - it's me. I'm the one who enjoys Scream 2).

Really, there's no good reason not to listen to this week's Avod. So go for it!

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