What, exactly, is Path of Evil?

While writing about Harvest of Fear I naturally swung by imdb.com to check on the production information (confirming the date because of the Electra costume, mostly), but a quick glance at the director's page led me to a shocking discovery. It seems the year after Harvest of Fear, the entire cast and main production staff re-teamed to make the film a second time, as something called 'Path of Evil'. It featured the same cast and basic plot, except for the fact that now the fey Sheriff's deputy seemed to be the main character - and had been given more backstory as a result.

I was faced with two options - find out the differences online, and look for some kind of production story explaining Path of Evil's (unprecedented?) existence, or immediately buy a film so I could go in completely cold, and experience the second version of the film with no biases. Naturally, I chose the second.

While waiting for my copy of the DVD to arrive I began to have doubts. Sure, the plot synopsis was slightly different, but did that really mean they shot a whole new movie? Perhaps it was largely the same footage, with a few new backstory scenes for Jake, and a new ending? Wouldn't that be disappointing after all this effort?

Luckily, the arrival of the DVD quelled at least some of my fears-

In addition to the slightly altered plot, get a look at that killer! Where the first film's murderer wore a generic stitchface mask and hoodie-

This DVD box promises a lawsuit-inviting reproduction of Michael Myers, boiler suit and all!

So unless the film's packaging is one big lie (not an impossibility), I think we're in for a treat! Now... to actually watch the movie, and find out just what Path of Evil is!

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