Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Elton John Edition

The mandate of this series of articles is to review episodes of Saturday Night Live in two simple steps: 1 - Count the number of rape jokes. 2 - Compare that to the number of (more socially-acceptable) homophobia-themed jokes. As a consequence, I was left without much of a critical leg to stand on with this week's episode. It was absolutely filled with gay-themed humour, but since Elton John's flamboyant homosexuality is central to his whole persona, can any of those jokes be considered 'attacking' him specifically, or gays in general. And since there were no rape jokes that required a baseline for comparison, is there any real value in reviewing the episode at all?

If it weren't for one sketch, I'd give the whole episode a pass, saying only that I appreciated the reappearance of Laser Cats, Tom Hanks was an excellent choice to co-host with Elton, and the lower-class Queen of England was surprisingly fun in her second appearance.

The one sketch that killed the episode for me, however, was the reappearance of a little something that I hate so much I almost considered doing a 'MisogynyWatch' addendum to cover it. It's the ESPN classic segment, where two men in tuxedos watch women's sporting events while making crude jokes about feminine hygiene. It's an unpleasant little sketch, which reminds me of nothing more than this segment from 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'.

I'd hoped that Will Forte's departure from the cast had put the nail in this particular sketch's coffin, but apparently they were able to lure him back with the promise of more unpleasant disgusting comedy!

So thanks for that, SNL.


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