Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Megan Fox edition

Well I, for one, was shocked by this week's episode. The season opened with what was, by a wide margin, the cleanest episode I've seen in ages. No rape jokes, no homophobia jokes, no egregious racism jokes!

I know, shocking, right? It seems that the show was so absurdly clean that it drove the comedians a little nuts, which caused new cast member Jenny Slate to substitute an actual swear word for the placeholder 'frickin' during a sketch about biker chicks.

Seeing as I'm not offended by swearing, and am not entirely sure why you're not allowed to swear on television well after midnight - it's not like Canada imploded after Scott Thompson kept saying Faggot on Kids in the Hall. Hell, there was even a sketch called 'Faggot' exploring the meaning and offensiveness of the word.

(Fun fact - this sketch is now why Canadians say 'Faggo' instead of 'Faggot'. To respect Christ's suffering on the cross.)

(Come to think of it, if you haven't seen Kids in the Hall, that last note may have seemed incredibly offensive. Sorry about that.)

Anyhoo, the point is that because this episode is completely without rape jokes, I'm going to start a three-episode countdown, meaning that if the next two episodes are also free of rape jokes, we'll be discontinuing this particular feature here at the Castle. At least until the jokes start up again.

Come on, SNL - don't disappoint me. Let the rape thing drop.


Bo said...

I think Russian culture has replaced rape as the thematic through-line of SNL. Russian brides, etc.

Vardulon said...

God, I hope so. It'll give me an excuse to not review SNL any more. 'SNL RussianWatch' just doesn't have the same cachet.