CSI Miami Episode 725

It’s season ender time here on CSI: Miami, and I’m sure we all know what that means… Cliffhanger! Well, probably. But things move quickly right from the start. Wishmaster is poisoned in prison! His hospital transport is attacked! And then, rather preposterously pushed in front of a train! Because it’s plausible that they could have arranged the transport and attack to have happened at exactly the moment when a train would roll by. But maybe I’m being too hard on the show – it is a cool stunt:

Suddenly no longer choking to death on his own blood, Wishmaster grabs a gun off a fallen cop and runs for his life, while the cars that caused the accident make no attempt to rescue him. Rather confusingly Horatio is then on the scene, standing over the dying guard. I’m not sure what happened to the other two cops, who were shooting at Wishmaster. So, when presented with a badly injured prison guard (whose injuries Horatio didn’t witness, so his only clear symptom is a bloody uniform front), what does Horatio do? Run and get medical supplies? Sure, the ambulance is on fire, but he's got to have some in that hummer of his. Does he start extreme lifesaving measures? No, you’re thinking of what a decent person with a heart might do in this situation. This is Horatio Caine we’re talking about. He’s too busy looking concerned while watching a man die to, you know, actually do anything about it.

Aw, well at least it's heartfelt neglect, right?

Science lets them have a partial look at the sports car’s license plate, and while the team runs it down Horatio pays a visit to the Russian Mobster and his undercover agent. She reports the Wishmaster had set up a gun deal from prison but that it went south, and now the crooks are planning to steal the guns back!

Meanwhile, the team has run down the car used in the attack, and it turns out to have been owned by Brian Austin Green! He claims that it was stolen the day before, but it’s not exactly a convincing denial. Again, this isn’t a ‘murder mystery’ episode, so the whole ‘accusing thing’ is meaningless. Science calls in with a message – Wishmaster wasn’t helped to escape by the mob, they were trying to kill him! It seems that the Russian way is to not just kill a guy you don’t like, it’s to kill him in public going a preposterous amount of trouble. I’ll be honest. I didn’t know that about Russians.

Science then sends the team an E-mail with another shocking discovery… Eric’s father was the one driving the car that attacked the transport! In a decision that’s sure to cause trouble, Eric decides to put his faith in his father rather than science! Horatio’s mole is getting into trouble as well – it seems the Russian mobsters are suspicious of her! Either she kills Wishmaster, or they’re going to kill her!

While the team continues looking for Wishmaster, Eric disappears from the grid! But what could he be up to? Wishmaster makes himself known by kidnapping a doctor and demanding that she uses science to heal him of the rat poisoning he received in prison. While the healing was by no means complete, Wishmaster manages to escape alive in her car. They then pick up the person who runs Wishmaster’s legitimate operations, and he sets up a meeting between Horatio and Wishmaster. Wishmaster agrees to turn state’s evidence against the rest of the Russian mob, but refuses to be arrested to do it, leading to an impasse.

Eric confronts his father about the escape, and his father explains that the Russian mob was going to kill him if he didn’t take part in the escape! Eric suggests that his father testify against the mob, but Russian daddy has a better idea. He’ll anonymously report the location of the involved car so that Eric won’t be put in a position of betraying either him or science! The car gives up a piece of evidence proving that Brian Austin Green was in on the attack! Like apparently everyone else in the world, he’s hooked into the Russian mob, although just how is unclear, because his scene ends abruptly without him giving the requisite confession.

No wonder the ‘investigation’ part of the story is getting such shot shrift – the team gets a phone call announcing that an intense gunfight is going down at the police armory, where all the confiscated weapons are being held! How intense is the gunfight? So intense that one of its participants actually manage to go back in time and fire a few of his bullets at Wishmaster!

Here’s the guy who shot at Wishmaster, earlier in the day.

Now here’s a closer shot of him.

Note the bulletholes in the car in the first picture, and the red light over his shoulder in the second. Where could they have been been coming from?

Yup, there’s the bulletholes and red lights during the raid. There’s only one possible explanation for this – that mobster was firing bullets… through time!

And then that guy gets shot in the head! What an ignominuous fate for the first man to successfully fire bullets back in time. Although maybe it was an appropriate death. Who knows, maybe he himself was struck by one of the random bullets fired by this guy that Horatio kills five minutes later:

The gunfight goes really well for the cops, except for one car that gets away – a car driven by Eric! And Callie his him with a bullet! That’s going to be awkward come valentine’s day.

Things are tense all over, as Horatio’s mole triggers her panic alarm, drawing him to the mobster’s hideout. When he gets there the mobster has been beaten and shot nearly to death. He lives long enough to implicate Wishmaster in his own murder, and the kidnapping of the mole!

Horatio makes it a nearby parking lot in time to keep Wishmaster from escaping, and after a quick gunfight the mole is rescued and Wishmaster is (finally) dead.

Now there’s just one loose end to tie up. Somehow (seriously they don’t even mention the science they used) the team comes across Eric’s getaway behicle with his father still inside. Eric has disappeared, bleeding profusely! It seems that Eric wasn’t in on the robbery at all – he just drove in there to rescue his dad so that he wouldn’t be killed in the attempted robbery!


Yup, that’s the cliffhanger. A badly-injured Eric is out there somewhere in the everglade, bleeding to death. Can Horatio and Callie find him in time? Stay tuned to find out. Like almost immediately. Because this review isn’t actually going to go live until after the season opener has already aired. So by the time you’re reading this, I’ll have already written the review of that one.

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