Time for some navel-gazing!

I had but one goal in relation to the popularity of this website – all I wanted is for people to be able to type the name ‘Vardulon’ into the old Google Box in the browsers, and then have the results page NOT ask them if they meant to type ‘pardulon’ instead.

That finally happened this week, the first week that I, while still massively less popular than resin model-making material ‘pardulon’, am nonetheless recognized as a distinct entity from it!


As a manner of celebration, I elected to browse through a few of my listings on the old google, and see just how many of them were random collection engines that had linked to my articles automatically based on keyword searches. The answer? Like 90 percent. Among them was a singularly interesting site that I felt I just had to share with everyone, since its oddness was weirdly compelling.

That sight? BloodyFlix.com! It drew my attention because, unlike most random search link engines, it didn’t just offer a link to some page on my site – no, BFX.com acts as a weird framing device for other people’s content. My entire review of the film ‘Death Race 2008’ was on the page, including my sidebar information, including my lists of followers, other articles, and I don’t know why I’m writing all of this here, you can see it on the side of the page if you’re interested.

The only evidence I had that this page was on BFX as opposed to my own website was a banner at the top of the page, and an ad right below it. I decided to head over to the frontpage and have a look around.

The look around stopped abruptly when the frontpage looked like this-

There’s so much wrong here I almost don’t know where to start. And this isn’t just a ‘horror-snob’ thing about their main news story being about Halloween 2 (H2). It’s more about the fact that, despite the 4 clear numbers on that rotating front page top story list, there are only actually two stories.

It’s also about that weird ad that shows up three times, which may or may not be for porn – I’m too afraid to click on it. That fact that the button says ‘PLAY’ suggests that it’s an ad for some kind of a game, although I can’t imagine what sort. Something with busty women and disco walls? There’s also a charming message hidden in the top corner, along with what might be the game’s name:

Here’s a tip, ‘Evony’ – if you want people to know that your… whatever… is ‘Free Forever’, maybe you should put that information in a size that’s legible without having to blow it up hundreds of percent. Just an idea.

Also, what does ‘unnoticeable now’ mean? Could I already be playing this thing without knowing it?

But all of that was just the prelude – no, what entertains me most about this website is the proud announcement of just how many sites’ worth of content are being displayed with the BFX frontpage and ad:

Oh, I pray that’s not some sort of terrible typo. Because if it’s not, than math would suggest that my Death Race 2008 article would be just one among 3678 different stories about that movie. Which suggests, unless I’m massively underestimating the popularity of Death Race 2008, that the page from Castle Vardulon appeared on bloodyflix.com because it belonged to the prestigious group ‘every article about Death Race 2008 on the entire internet’.

Ain’t fame grand?

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DM said...

I don't know...I think the H2/Evony combo is appropriate. Both will fail to deliver on the promise of excitement, intrigue, and great sex.