The Flash Presents: The amazing single-sentence continuity error!

They said it couldn’t be done. How could there be a continuity error in one sentence? In three little words? After all, in order to have a continuity error at all, one must first establish a fact so that it can then be contradicted. But the writer managed, near-miraculously, to find a sentence that is self-contradicting! And here it is:

Wow, huh? The preceding panel appeared in Flash Comics #133, as the title page to a story called “Kid Flash: Secret of the Handicapped Boys”. It was written by John Broome, drawn by Carmine Infantino, inked by Joe Giella. Sadly, I don’t know who lettered it, and the classy ‘showcase edition’ of the comic I have is in black and white, so they didn’t list a colourist in the credits.

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Rob said...

Are you referring the boy saying "I can't speak"? That's a mistake, but I wouldn't call it a continuity error.