Happy Canada Day, Everyone!

While you're relaxing by the lake, drinking your beers and watching the fireworks, why not flip on the stereo and join us (by which I mean the Divemistress and myself) in taking a journey through every Canadian Horror film ever made!

Just right-click here to download it. Or click there to listen to it with a browser applet, or head over to the Avod's blog and stream it, the way a few of the cool kids are doing it!

And here, because we should all watch this at least once a year just to test our threshold for terror, is the video for Thriller. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtyJbIOZjS8

Yeah. They won't let me embed it. Jerks.

FYI, I got to the part with the yellow eyes and reflexively yelped and shut the video off.


Here's an embedded version, which I'll take down if it goes away in the next couple of days.

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