Saturday Night Live RapeWatch: Justin Timberlake Edition

Very light on the objectionable content front this week, with a largely clean show from perennial guest Timberlake.

In a sketch about Justin Timberlake’s great great grandfather imagining his grandson’s life. He refers to his grandson growing so bored with having sex with beautiful women that he’ll do a bunch of ‘gay stuff’. Of course, since the whole sketch was parodying the ridiculousness of Timberlake’s image, that’s not really born so much out of homophobia as the craziness of celebrity life. When making a joke about the legalization of gay marriage in Maine, he made a reference about ‘ass-less waders’ going on sale. Then there was a joke about child molesters hanging out around a Harry Potter exhibit at the museum of science and industry.

The count this week was-

Rape – 1
Homophobia – 2

Pretty standard fare for the show. The high point was, as usual, the digital video. This week it was a re-teaming of Samberg and Timberlake, whose dick in a box characters are released from jail after doing five month’s time for indecent exposure, just in time to celebrate mother’s- actually, by the time I’m writing this the video will basically be the only thing watchable on the internet, so I don’t really need to describe it.

There were some long death-like laugh-free stretches, like the 'Barry Gibb Talk Show', but nothing Jon Bovi-level dire.

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